Gift Guide: Buying For Men Under £20

1. The Phone Case Wallet- I've recently seen a lot of these and I think they're a great idea, saves carrying around a separate wallet, the only downside is there is nowhere to put your change, but still you have 2 slots for cards and somewhere to put notes and at £3.60 and available for lots of phones in different colours you can't really argue get your hands on one of these here
2. Super Man Socks- Okay so I haven't decided if these are the coolest socks ever or the weirdest either way buy them for your super hero loving boyfriend/friend and they'll be sure to love them, I mean who doesn't love socks with capes on?! Get your hands on a pair from here for only a fiver!
3. Insults and comebacks book- Who hasn't been in a situation where they don't know something witty to say back to insult well you'll never have this problem again with this "hilarious" book, lots of funny comebacks for men to use on their friends! And the bonus is it's only £6.00 Purchase here
4. Novelty Pac Man Alarm Clock- Who doesn't hate being woken up in the morning? But how can you hate it when you're being woken up with pacman sounds in my opnion the best alarm clock ever, get yourself or your friend one from here.
5. Lego Soaps- I think these are really cool! You can buy them in different amounts starting from 6 at £1.99 just bought my own boyfriend some of these, definitely worth a buy! Purchase them here!
Olivia Thristan

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