eos vs. balmi!

Friday, 6 December 2013

Recently these beauties we're introduced into my life and by recently I mean two weeks ago, if you're wondering what these lovely things are lip balms, perfect for this time of year keeping lips moisturised and they're a bit different from your usual lip balm! They're light to carry around and you can get them in so many different flavours, I own the summer fruits eos and the raspberry balmi. They flavours both smell luscious which is always good, and knowing me i'll probably end up buying lots of the different flavours! You can buy the balmi in boots or tesco for £2.99 so easy to get your hands on, the eos is not so easy as it's from the states, which if you live there you're probably aware of eos, I asked my dad to buy me one when he was over there and the person I am doing my american box swap is going to send me some more, yes I'm addicted to these beauties! You can also buy them on ebay for around the £4.00 mark, which is quite cheap I guess. So which is better I hear you ask, in my eyes I'd say eos, I like the fact the balm is round which I find easier to apply and I prefer the shape of the eos although I do like the balmi for it's own ways, I feel it moisturisers my lips more than the eos and leaves them feeling less sticky! Definitely worth  stocking up on these beauties this Christmas hehe! 


  1. they look so cute! My lips are always chapped in winter, I'm always forgetting to wear lip balm :( lol xx


  2. I really really really want to try them both!
    love victoriajanex


  3. My sister has the eos balm on her christmas list so I might get her the balmy one instead. :) Thanks!

  4. Hey Hun!
    Thought id pop by after I sent you my link on the #bbloggers tag! Love your blog! I just discovered balmi and I'm obsessed! Anyway, Just wanted to send you some comment loving, I'm now following you on bloglovin'. Hope you will come check out my site and add me too! :)

    Lucie // Fatbeautyx // Youtube

  5. I've always wanted to try the EOS lip balms! I didn't know Tesco sell the Balmi ones though so I must pick me one up tomorrow! Thanks for this post! xoxo


  6. The EOS blams look & sound so good! Would love to try one at some point!


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