Blogmas Day 3: My mini American Haul.

There's one amazing thing of having a dad who works pretty much all over the world, the fact he can buy pretty much any products that I want, during his recent trip to America I asked him to purchase some goodies for me! As i've seen a few products that I want over there lately and I am super jealous that we don't have some of the stuff over there and I can't wait to go over to Florida in August and pick up some more beauties! So what did I buy you ask? I'll start buy telling you it's all lip products, I am super obsessed I really need to stop I own like 50+ lip products half of what I've bought recently naughty me!

Eos- Summer Fruit Lip Balm: 
I have seen this product featured on a few blogs and they've all reviewed it as quite a good product, and it's totally different to any lip balm I've seen before (well it was until I opened my beauty advent calender yesterday and received a square version!) It smells really nice and feels great on my lips! I shall definitely be doing a review post of this at later date!  

Elf Lip Stain: Pink Petal
Although I am aware you can get something similar to this in the UK, but I decided to try this one as it cost equivalent to 95p it's just basically colouring your lips with a felt tip pen! It gives your lips a lasting colour, although this one isn't very bright I shall definitely be asking my dad for some different shades next time he is over in the states, the good thing about the lip stain is it leaves your lips feeling super soft! 

Colour Riche Balm- Plush Plum
I have read a lot of good reviews on this lipstick and decided I wanted to try one for myself, I picked a more neutral colour as a lot of the colours in my selection are bright pink or red, the colour makes my lips look fuller and the colour is a really nice shade, I shall be reviewing the lipsticks in more detail with swatches so you can see how pretty they are!   

  Colour Whisper: Cherry on top! 
I literally had to stop myself buying like 4 other shades of this lipstick they're all so pretty and bright, I just bought this one as I stated earlier in the post I already have over 50 lipsticks and really need to stop buying them! This was the first thing I tried when receiving the goodies, it's not as bright as I thought it was going to be, but it's still uber (I love that word) lovely and I wish we had this collection here in the UK! 

Baby Lips: Strike a Rose & Berry Bomb
In the UK we now have the baby lips which everyone was desperate to get over here, and although I own 4 of the ones available in the UK when my dad sent me a picture with these on I had to buy them, I bought multiple of them they are so CHEAP, and I thought they were perfect for winter to keep my lips nice to moisturised, they just give a slight tint on the lips (don't worry you don't get bright purple lips!) I love these they are definitely a good buy- if you haven't bought any baby lips yet, I recommend you do!  

  I hope you enjoyed my mini American haul! 

Olivia Thristan


  1. I love the look of the Eos balm, I'm desperate to get my hands on one to try! x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  2. Oooh wow look at the colours of the baby lips! Amazing!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  3. Loving the colours of those Baby Lips Balms x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  4. Very jealous! Love the look of the Baby Lips - the purple one looks lovely! x


  5. Wow great choices! I love the color whipsers! I am so glad I live in America I have everything near me:)


  6. Hats of to your dad being your personal beauty shopper. I still remember when my dad went on holiday and I gave him a list of things I wanted from duty free but had to keep it to one brand so he could literally hand of the list to the assistant as he'd be useless otherwise!

    If you fancy a chance to win some more US drugstore goodies I'm having a giveaway on my blog at the moment.


  7. Jealous of these goodies, love the purple baby lips... I want!

  8. i'd love to try that felt lipstain from elf, souds lovely and for 95o you can't go wrong! :) x
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  9. Great haul!! I have berry bomb babylips and absolutely love it :)

    Stacey x

  10. Every single time I see the color whispers, I have the same urge to grab so many colors. I cant blame you. I sitll have not bought any because I could not decide on a color. As for babylips, I did not like them because of the scent, although i liked the slight tent.