Christmas Tag

With Christmas being 9 days away, I decided it's about time I do the Christmas tag! I honestly can't believe how fast this year has gone, it doesn't feel like two minutes since last year with all the wrapping and getting ready for Christmas! 

What time of year do you start your Christmas shopping? 
Probably early November, I cannot shop properly when it is super stressful and I enjoy Christmas shopping so I like it to be fun! 

Do you have any festive recipes for food or drink you limit solely to the Christmas season to share? I like to bake all year round, I make more biscuits at these time and add pretty little snowmen and santa decorations to them! 

Tell me how Christmas goes down in your home? For most of my life it has been at my grandparents but since my parents split up it's been a bit different and this year it is going to be different again so I couldn't tell you! 

Do you have any Christmas traditions? Nope but I'm thinking of running a bloggers secret santa from now on every year! :-) 

Do you have a favourite festive coffee? I don't drink coffee, but I do love the festive hot chocolates from Costa, if you are yet to try one I recommend the honeycomb hot chocolate it's lovely! 

Do you have a favourite Christmas song? I did until work played them to death only kidding, I like Wizard I wish it could be Christmas everyday! Also Lily Allen "Somewhere only we know" great song with a super cute video! 

What do you do on Christmas Eve? Last year and this year I will be working, how exciting! After that probably just watch a Christmassy film! 

What's your Christmas wrapping strategy? Not let my boyfriend anywhere near them? Because he makes a terrible mess, I like wrapping anything circular into a cracker? That sounds weird, but so much easier than wrapping them normally!

What's your dream gift this year? Lots and lots of make-up as I am completely obsessed! I plan to get lots of clothes for my birthday which is 3 weeks after!  

Describe your Christmas tree. How tall? Real or artificial? How is it decorated? My mother decorates the tree downstairs and it must all match with gold and red decorations so I decided this year to invest in my own tree for my room, and it's pink with bright lights and silver baubles on! Pretty! 

Do you decorate just the tree or other areas of your house e.g. windows, bannisters? We used to have them outside the house, but they all broke *sad face* I decorate my own room (I love Christmas okay?) with lights! 

What do you wear to Christmas parties and what do you wear on Christmas day? Lots and lots of glitter, who doesn't love glitter, I haven't really got a dress for christmas day I just hope that I get some of the pretty dresses on my wishlist to wear! *crosses fingers*

I tag everyone who is yet to do this tag! 
& Happy Christmas everyone! 

Olivia Thristan

Red Carpet Inspired Look!

Last year one of my best friends entered the new look Christmas competition and said she had great fun creating her outfit and it turned out she actually won the competition! I love making outfit posts and when new look emailed me asking me to take part I couldn't wait to get started, this years competition was to recreate your favorite red carpet look from this year using new looks party collection. My favourite by far was Taylor Swifts outfit at the BRITS, it's an elegant look and I think Taylor looks stunning! Her dress was created by Elie Saab and it's a different look to what we are used to seeing Taylor in as she looks much more grown up! Here is my outfit choices:

Dress:  The dress I picked is very similar to the one Taylor is wearing, the gold belt on the dress is similar to the one on her dress which gives it the added touch of the black styled dress she is wearing, the dress which is featured in my post, also has a slit which on her dress she has panels of mesh which looks similar!
Ring- I picked this ring because the gem in this ring looks similar to the one she is wearing, it gives the same effect, I didn't want to pick a ring which was huge and stood out massively because hers doesn't it and I think it looks fabulous and gives an added touch to the outfit.
Bag- Although we don't see a bag in the pictures, I chose to add this particular clutch to the outfit because the straight bit of gold on the bag matches her belt and also the studs on the bag are triangular, definitely a must have with this outfit!

Shoes- In hardly any of the pictures taken at the BRITS you can't see Taylors' shoes but in one of the pictures you can slightly see that she is wearing a strapy peep toe shoe, which I think goes with this outfit although you can't really see it, in my opinion it gives a great effect!
Cuff- I love these Cuffs, they look great and I think it just gives an added effect to the outfit so the arms aren't bare, she is wearing a cuff herself, and I wanted to make it as similar as possible!
Earrings- The earrings are great because with the hair tied back it gives a more sophisticated look and ties in with the bag, I love dangley earrings (although sometimes they can look cheap) but in my opinion these look great and add to the outfit, rather than take away!

I decided not to have a necklace with this outfit because of the way that the dress is, and if you are wearing too much jewellery in my opinion it looks tacky, which is not the thing I want when I am trying to create a red carpet look as they are (mostly) glamourous! Also because Taylor isn't wearing a necklace herself!
Olivia Thristan

Ciate- Mistress Review

I am addicted to buying things from blog sales at the moment as they are pretty much new items sold at low prices, I mostly buy nail varnishes which cost a bomb elsewhere, and recently stumbled on a blog sale and the girl was selling a ciatè nail varnish for £1 i've always wanted to try ciatè but it retails around £9.00 and as I can't really wear nail varnish that often due to to work, I wouldn't pay that! But yesterday I was thrilled when it arrived in the post like it was brand new! So what was my opinion may you ask? First lets start with the packaging, it's in gorgeous packaging the bottle is different to the normal shape which I like and the bow is super cute! So thumbs up as far as that goes; on to the nail varnish itself I was quite disappointed due to the fact it took 4 coats to make it look quite bold and it looks a completely different colour in the bottle to what comes out on the nails it comes out more orange and I was expecting a red. Obviously the fake nails can't test how long it lasts for so i'll have to let you know on that one when I can actually wear it on my own nails (over christmas!) But as far as getting it for a pound goes, I can't really complain- I am considering buying the colour "3am girl" which is a deep blue and it looks really bold and a statement polish, who doesn't love statement nails! I'll probably as a birthday treat for myself in the near future. But overall I give this colour a 6/10, but I won't let it put me off trying Ciatè in the future! 

What Ciatè shades have you got?
Olivia Thristan

The World Of Stationary!

Everyone who knows me knows that I love stationary, I own a countless supply of notebooks, coloured pens, brightly coloured cardboard, envelops and pencils; literally could open my own stationary shop! Spending countless hours looking for pretty little notebooks and other stuff to add to my ever growing collection there are 3 sites I am always on when looking for stationary, Paperchase, Paperstone and Whsmiths, they all offer a great collection of stationary! So Paperchase is my favourite for their huge selection of super cute notebooks, and I do love a good notebook they're all bright colours and so lovely and great for gifts, they are a little pricey compared to other places but still worth every penny in my opinion! Paperstone is fantastic for their huge section of office supplies, and they're really good value for money! Being somebody who is obsessed with highlighters and keeping organized they have some amazing day to day diaries perfect as 2014 is just around the corner! When I next come into some money i'll be treating myself to a diary from there! Finally is Whsmiths most of you will of heard of them already as they are a high street chain, I am constantly popping in there for cards but like paperchase offer a huge range of lovely notebooks and folders, being a university student- I am always popping in there to buy a new folder or pens as I am constantly running out (or loosing them!) definitely the best shop on the high street for all your stationary needs. Like I said at the start of this post for all those stationary loving friends and family I would recommend buying your gifts from here, I mean who doesn't love to receive a huge bundle of stationary goodies, I know I would!

*sponsored post

Olivia Thristan

eos vs. balmi!

Recently these beauties we're introduced into my life and by recently I mean two weeks ago, if you're wondering what these lovely things are lip balms, perfect for this time of year keeping lips moisturised and they're a bit different from your usual lip balm! They're light to carry around and you can get them in so many different flavours, I own the summer fruits eos and the raspberry balmi. They flavours both smell luscious which is always good, and knowing me i'll probably end up buying lots of the different flavours! You can buy the balmi in boots or tesco for £2.99 so easy to get your hands on, the eos is not so easy as it's from the states, which if you live there you're probably aware of eos, I asked my dad to buy me one when he was over there and the person I am doing my american box swap is going to send me some more, yes I'm addicted to these beauties! You can also buy them on ebay for around the £4.00 mark, which is quite cheap I guess. So which is better I hear you ask, in my eyes I'd say eos, I like the fact the balm is round which I find easier to apply and I prefer the shape of the eos although I do like the balmi for it's own ways, I feel it moisturisers my lips more than the eos and leaves them feeling less sticky! Definitely worth  stocking up on these beauties this Christmas hehe! 

Olivia Thristan

Gift Guide: Buying For Men Under £20

1. The Phone Case Wallet- I've recently seen a lot of these and I think they're a great idea, saves carrying around a separate wallet, the only downside is there is nowhere to put your change, but still you have 2 slots for cards and somewhere to put notes and at £3.60 and available for lots of phones in different colours you can't really argue get your hands on one of these here
2. Super Man Socks- Okay so I haven't decided if these are the coolest socks ever or the weirdest either way buy them for your super hero loving boyfriend/friend and they'll be sure to love them, I mean who doesn't love socks with capes on?! Get your hands on a pair from here for only a fiver!
3. Insults and comebacks book- Who hasn't been in a situation where they don't know something witty to say back to insult well you'll never have this problem again with this "hilarious" book, lots of funny comebacks for men to use on their friends! And the bonus is it's only £6.00 Purchase here
4. Novelty Pac Man Alarm Clock- Who doesn't hate being woken up in the morning? But how can you hate it when you're being woken up with pacman sounds in my opnion the best alarm clock ever, get yourself or your friend one from here.
5. Lego Soaps- I think these are really cool! You can buy them in different amounts starting from 6 at £1.99 just bought my own boyfriend some of these, definitely worth a buy! Purchase them here!
Olivia Thristan

Blogmas Day 3: My mini American Haul.

There's one amazing thing of having a dad who works pretty much all over the world, the fact he can buy pretty much any products that I want, during his recent trip to America I asked him to purchase some goodies for me! As i've seen a few products that I want over there lately and I am super jealous that we don't have some of the stuff over there and I can't wait to go over to Florida in August and pick up some more beauties! So what did I buy you ask? I'll start buy telling you it's all lip products, I am super obsessed I really need to stop I own like 50+ lip products half of what I've bought recently naughty me!

Eos- Summer Fruit Lip Balm: 
I have seen this product featured on a few blogs and they've all reviewed it as quite a good product, and it's totally different to any lip balm I've seen before (well it was until I opened my beauty advent calender yesterday and received a square version!) It smells really nice and feels great on my lips! I shall definitely be doing a review post of this at later date!  

Elf Lip Stain: Pink Petal
Although I am aware you can get something similar to this in the UK, but I decided to try this one as it cost equivalent to 95p it's just basically colouring your lips with a felt tip pen! It gives your lips a lasting colour, although this one isn't very bright I shall definitely be asking my dad for some different shades next time he is over in the states, the good thing about the lip stain is it leaves your lips feeling super soft! 

Colour Riche Balm- Plush Plum
I have read a lot of good reviews on this lipstick and decided I wanted to try one for myself, I picked a more neutral colour as a lot of the colours in my selection are bright pink or red, the colour makes my lips look fuller and the colour is a really nice shade, I shall be reviewing the lipsticks in more detail with swatches so you can see how pretty they are!   

  Colour Whisper: Cherry on top! 
I literally had to stop myself buying like 4 other shades of this lipstick they're all so pretty and bright, I just bought this one as I stated earlier in the post I already have over 50 lipsticks and really need to stop buying them! This was the first thing I tried when receiving the goodies, it's not as bright as I thought it was going to be, but it's still uber (I love that word) lovely and I wish we had this collection here in the UK! 

Baby Lips: Strike a Rose & Berry Bomb
In the UK we now have the baby lips which everyone was desperate to get over here, and although I own 4 of the ones available in the UK when my dad sent me a picture with these on I had to buy them, I bought multiple of them they are so CHEAP, and I thought they were perfect for winter to keep my lips nice to moisturised, they just give a slight tint on the lips (don't worry you don't get bright purple lips!) I love these they are definitely a good buy- if you haven't bought any baby lips yet, I recommend you do!  

  I hope you enjoyed my mini American haul! 

Olivia Thristan

Blogmas Christmas Dress Must Haves. #2

So with Christmas round the corner for most of us that means lots of parties and chances to wear lovely glittery dresses! I found four of my favourite dresses which you can buy on your local high street or online!
1. Glitter glitter and more glitter, if you can't wear glitter at Christmas time when can you? I love this dress and if I was thin enough I'd probably wear it myself. 
2. I love this dress because it's simple the little black dress suits everyone in my opinion it's just finding the right one for your body shape, this dress is extra lovely as the collar is glittery, to fit in with the glittery Christmas theme! 
3. I love the red and black on this dress, I love that's red underneath and got the fabric over the top I think it looks gorgeous! This is sort of dress is perfect for going out because you can dress it up for a club and down for a meal and will look perfect with a pair of little black heels and a glittery clutch! 
4. The black dress with the peter pan collar- you've probably been hearing about the peter pan colour for a while now but I can't get enough of them I think it makes a simple dress look so much more stylish, the one this dress has the element of glitter and makes it different to just the simple black dress, it's a must have!

What dresses are you wearing for Christmas? 

Olivia Thristan