My Favourite Autumn Shades

I have so many nail varnishes yet I never get a chance to wear them any more, as work have a strict no nail varnish policy and working 4 days a week, gives you no time to wear nail varnish *sobs* so I ordered some practise nails online, so you can still see my favourite shades! *cheers* 

Nails Inc- St James, I love reds any time of the year- you can never go wrong with red in my opinion but I think this shade is awesome for the autumn months, and even better that it was a free gift I received a while ago I mean who doesn't want free nails inc? It's such great polish and lasts for weeks I find, WHEN I CAN WEAR IT! St James is such a pretty colour. 

Nails Inc- Victoria.
Okay this looks black in the picture but it's actually a deep purple, and purple is perfect for autumn, i've been saving this polish for a while because you can't wear deep purple in the summer, another gorgeous colour and looks very classy! 

Mavala- Rouge Rubis
I received this when I bought my latest in beauty editors picks box in the summer, it's such a beautiful glittery shade, I love glitter it's a beautiful creation I was so happy with this colour and I have actually been able to wear this one to my Grandparents ruby wedding anniversary and it lasted me unchipped for 3 days, which is pretty good for me! Was super sad when I had to take it off for work. Lovelylovely colour! 

Ted Baker- Chocolate
This nail varnish doesn't actually have a shade on the bottle so i've decided to call it chooclate it's such a lovely dark colour, the first time I tested it was on the nails so I can't say how long it lasts, but it's a lovely warm brown and I would definitely wear it in these autumn months! 

What are your autumn shades? 

Olivia Thristan


  1. These polishes are perfect for autumn(: I love them all!

  2. These polishes are perfect for autumn(: I love them all!