Ways to brighten up your day!

Ever just feel like your life is going in a downward spiral and there's no way to stop it? Or you just can't shift that bad mood that has been hanging around like a bad smell for days! Well it's time to pick yourself up and here's how!

Look at old pictures "people change but memories don't" that person in the picture might not be your best friend anymore, you may drift away from people, but the memory doesn't even change and sometimes looking at old pictures and thinking I remember that day it was fab!

Listening to that song even if that song was the worst song ever invented but you loved it back in 2008, why not listen to it again? I guarantee you will smile you may even laugh- it's okay to laugh at yourself.

Go for a long walk plug those headphones in and just walk, sometimes just walking by yourself is therapeutic and it's exercise, bonus!

Chat to an old friend recently a lot of my friends moved away to uni, which sucks as I hardly get to see three quarters of my friends but it sure makes my day when we just talk for hours or even when they come back.

Splurge you've wanted that handbag for months now, treat yourself go on. YOU deserve it!

Watch a boxset or film I know when i'm down nothing cheers me up than sitting on the sofa with a family bar of chocolate and watching my two and a half men box set- trust me this one is full proof to have a smile on your face in no time.

Clear out your wardrobe Neaten up your wardrobe do you really need that dress that you wore once two years ago? The answer is no you don't, clear out the clutter- you could hold yourself a blogsale (welcome to the 2013) or even chuck your items on ebay you could make yourself some money to buy yourself a new statement piece which you will wear! OR take them to a charity shop you will feel better in just doing a good deed.

Do a good deed you know that your neighbour has been unwell for sometime now, why don't you make them a batch of cookies, you will sure make their day and yours too!

Leave notes for yourself I always used to leave myself little notes around my room for when i'm feeling down I had one on my mirror saying you look great and once in my wardrobe saying be brave, even though you wrote them yourself it can boost your confidence!

I hope you enjoyed my tips to help you boost your mood and lets face it with the cold weather coming you need some smiles! What makes you smile? :)

Olivia Thristan

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  1. Lovely post and some fantastic ideas - thank you :)

    Helen x