My Knit Wishlist

|1.River Island £40.00| 2. Sainburys £18.00| 3. New Look £29.99| 4. New Look £19.99| 5. Ebay £6.98|

As it's getting colder, everybody needs an essential jumper! They go pretty much with anything and are great for those extra cold days! I am literally awful when it comes to buying jumpers there's so many lovely ones! This year I shall definitely invest in a Christmas one, as they're finally cool! I remember when reading books when I was younger and the character would receive a rather uncool christmas jumper rather than the high fashion cardigan that they wanted! But guess what? CHRISTMAS JUMPERS ARE COOL! Because I said so, I mean who doesn't love a jumper with a reindeer or a penguin on the front! In a strange red or green colour? So when is it actually acceptable to wear those Christmas jumpers? I'd love to know your thoughts! But I actually need these jumpers in my life- come at me pay-day! Especially that £6.98 Christmas Jumper and there are so many other designs! Can't to get my hands on one!

Olivia Thristan


  1. Great post! Do you have the link for the one on eBay as I'd love to buy one? Our work's Christmas do is Christmas jumper themed!!
    Thank you,
    Laura xx

  2. I love number 3 so much! I can just imagine snuggling into that by the fire! x
    Heroine In Heels

  3. I love all of them and I am definitely going to need one when it starts getting colder -_- great post (:

  4. Wow number 4 is really cute and a great bargain! Wonderful selection :) xx