MUA Make-up!

I recently heard about MUA make-up and when I heard they're products are mostly £1-4 I decided I would definitely invest in some, the products above are lipstick in shade 13 and as it only cost £1 I had no expectations, but I was so amazed at how good it is, the lipstick stayed on all day- which I can't say for many lipsticks even some high end ones, the red is a lovely shade and moisturised my lips- bonus. The powder and nail varnish were also amazing and just one pound! I will be doing another post on the nail varnish itself because it's just that good, I couldn't believe that it gave such a great coverage on my nails and stayed on for as long as it did, given it was only a pound and some nail varnishes which i've spent £10+ on aren't even as good, it just proves just because it costs a lot doesn't mean it's good. The concealer costs £1.50 but still super cheap, it wasn't as good of a product as the nail varnish and lipstick but was still great! Gave a good easy coverage just didn't last very long and was hard to use with foundation but that's just my opinion but as a whole I love the collection- and will definitely being going to buy a few other shades of the lipstick and maybe treat myself to another nail varnish woohoo!  

(Brand as a whole 4/5 but lipstick would receive a 5/5)

Olivia Thristan


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  2. I haven't tried their liquid concealer yet i've never noticed it i may have to pick that up!
    Love their little nail polishes so much

  3. MUA products are great, I still can't get over how cheap they are. That nail polish looks like a lovely shade!

    Lovely blog Hun, I'm a new follower :)

    Kimberley x

  4. gorgeous color!

  5. This is my go to for a red lip! I absolutely adore it - such a little gem :) lovely blog! xx