My Knit Wishlist

|1.River Island £40.00| 2. Sainburys £18.00| 3. New Look £29.99| 4. New Look £19.99| 5. Ebay £6.98|

As it's getting colder, everybody needs an essential jumper! They go pretty much with anything and are great for those extra cold days! I am literally awful when it comes to buying jumpers there's so many lovely ones! This year I shall definitely invest in a Christmas one, as they're finally cool! I remember when reading books when I was younger and the character would receive a rather uncool christmas jumper rather than the high fashion cardigan that they wanted! But guess what? CHRISTMAS JUMPERS ARE COOL! Because I said so, I mean who doesn't love a jumper with a reindeer or a penguin on the front! In a strange red or green colour? So when is it actually acceptable to wear those Christmas jumpers? I'd love to know your thoughts! But I actually need these jumpers in my life- come at me pay-day! Especially that £6.98 Christmas Jumper and there are so many other designs! Can't to get my hands on one!

Olivia Thristan

Ways to brighten up your day!

Ever just feel like your life is going in a downward spiral and there's no way to stop it? Or you just can't shift that bad mood that has been hanging around like a bad smell for days! Well it's time to pick yourself up and here's how!

Look at old pictures "people change but memories don't" that person in the picture might not be your best friend anymore, you may drift away from people, but the memory doesn't even change and sometimes looking at old pictures and thinking I remember that day it was fab!

Listening to that song even if that song was the worst song ever invented but you loved it back in 2008, why not listen to it again? I guarantee you will smile you may even laugh- it's okay to laugh at yourself.

Go for a long walk plug those headphones in and just walk, sometimes just walking by yourself is therapeutic and it's exercise, bonus!

Chat to an old friend recently a lot of my friends moved away to uni, which sucks as I hardly get to see three quarters of my friends but it sure makes my day when we just talk for hours or even when they come back.

Splurge you've wanted that handbag for months now, treat yourself go on. YOU deserve it!

Watch a boxset or film I know when i'm down nothing cheers me up than sitting on the sofa with a family bar of chocolate and watching my two and a half men box set- trust me this one is full proof to have a smile on your face in no time.

Clear out your wardrobe Neaten up your wardrobe do you really need that dress that you wore once two years ago? The answer is no you don't, clear out the clutter- you could hold yourself a blogsale (welcome to the 2013) or even chuck your items on ebay you could make yourself some money to buy yourself a new statement piece which you will wear! OR take them to a charity shop you will feel better in just doing a good deed.

Do a good deed you know that your neighbour has been unwell for sometime now, why don't you make them a batch of cookies, you will sure make their day and yours too!

Leave notes for yourself I always used to leave myself little notes around my room for when i'm feeling down I had one on my mirror saying you look great and once in my wardrobe saying be brave, even though you wrote them yourself it can boost your confidence!

I hope you enjoyed my tips to help you boost your mood and lets face it with the cold weather coming you need some smiles! What makes you smile? :)

Olivia Thristan

How to make an awesome pancake stack!

So I decided for lunch I would treat myself to some pancakes, totally unhealthy but so yummy! I posted a picture on twitter and a few people liked it so I thought I would tell you how to make your own! Mine are slightly large because I made them in a wok!

You will need:
1 Tablespoon of baking powder
1 Tablespoon of sugar
2 Eggs
300 ml of milk
225g of plain flour
30g of butter melted!
A wok
A Ladle.

Add all the ingredients into a bowl and whisk until there are no lumps
Following this warm up the stove and add the butter for frying
Add about 3/4 of a ladles worth of mixture into the centre of the pan/wok
When cooking the pancakes as soon it is no longer stuck to the pan flip it over to the other side it is important that you remember to do this else they will burn. This will take roughly about 1 minute.
Keep the oven at a low temp and put them in there as they are cooked to eat all together
Top with butter/ice cream/ maple syrup/golden syrup/chocolate sauce.

Olivia Thristan

Halloween Wishlist!

If you haven't already guessed it yet, or this is your first time of reading my blog- yes I am obsessed with Halloween and as it draws closer and I decided to make a wishlist of what I really want this Halloween, everything is super cute and getting me in the Halloween spirit! I love Halloween almost as much as I love christmas I mean for Halloween you can dress up however you want, you can make your own costume and get really into it, you can wear tons of scary make-up and fake blood and it's acceptable and black and orange are just everywhere who doesn't love a bit of orange?   Would you buy any of these things or what have you got whilst preparing for Halloween I would love to know!

1. Nail Varnishes- Special Halloween Shades! £2.50-£4.50
2. Candles- Witches Brew & Candy Corn £16.99 Yankee Candle
3. Long train tutu £16.99 (Similar product here)
4. Mac Lipstick (Shade is Rebel) £15.00 Debenhams
5. Spider Web Lashes! I actually love these they're from Ebay £3.99
6. Skelton Jumper £14.99 (Similar product here)

Olivia Thristan

Halloween Costume Ideas #4

1. Ghost Pirate- This outfit is pretty cool, I also love the dress on this one, and it would be fun to do all the make-up for this, overall a great outfit!
2. Ghost Bride- I love this dress it is so stunning, the whole outfit is just elegant and pretty- I get that Halloween is supposed to be scary, but I totally love this!
3. This is what came up when I typed in ghost i'm guessing the mask she has in her hand would go over your face? It's a simple easy outfit- you could probably recreate your own! Still not very scary though huh?
4. Pacman Ghost- I could not resist putting this in here? I mean come on who doesn't want to be a pacman ghost- and it gets better you can get them in all colours! How great is that?
5. Traditional ghost- It doesn't get any better and cheaper than putting a sheet over your head and cutting holes where the eyes are! It's not very fashionable but it's definitely fun!

I would LOVE to know which ghost would you be?

Olivia Thristan

Topshop Wishlist

I love Topshop and they have some really amazing pieces, if only it wasn't so expensive i'd buy all of these things! I think I'll definitely be investing in the dress as it's gorge! Hope you like my picks!

Olivia Thristan

Cupcake in a mug

This post is a guest from Iris.  Every now and then I will have a sudden craving. Sometimes it cheesecake, other times chicken wings. But the most often craving I get is cake! There isn’t usually any at home so I have to make it! And since I don’t want to eat a whole lot, a cake in a mug is perfect.

Here are the ingredients:

  • 2 tbsp self-rising flour (although regular all purpose flour works too)
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 1 tbsp cocoa (optional)
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tbsp milk
  • 1 tbsp oil

And here’s what you do with it:

Get a microwavable large mug. 
Pour the dry ingredients in and stir with a spoon. 
Crack in the egg and combine
Pour in the milk and oil and mix it well.
Put it into a microwave for 2 ½ mins on full power. 
Keep an eye on it ‘cause sometimes the cake will rise out of the mug and fall over.
If that happens, just stop the microwave, guide it back in, and start baking again!

I’ve tried this recipe with some cocoa powder and coffee powder and they both are delicious. You can even try it with some fruits and berries! Once it’s done, you can eat with anything really; ice cream, whipped cream, you name it!

Have fun making a cake in a mug! (That kinda rhymed.)
Olivia Thristan

MUA Make-up!

I recently heard about MUA make-up and when I heard they're products are mostly £1-4 I decided I would definitely invest in some, the products above are lipstick in shade 13 and as it only cost £1 I had no expectations, but I was so amazed at how good it is, the lipstick stayed on all day- which I can't say for many lipsticks even some high end ones, the red is a lovely shade and moisturised my lips- bonus. The powder and nail varnish were also amazing and just one pound! I will be doing another post on the nail varnish itself because it's just that good, I couldn't believe that it gave such a great coverage on my nails and stayed on for as long as it did, given it was only a pound and some nail varnishes which i've spent £10+ on aren't even as good, it just proves just because it costs a lot doesn't mean it's good. The concealer costs £1.50 but still super cheap, it wasn't as good of a product as the nail varnish and lipstick but was still great! Gave a good easy coverage just didn't last very long and was hard to use with foundation but that's just my opinion but as a whole I love the collection- and will definitely being going to buy a few other shades of the lipstick and maybe treat myself to another nail varnish woohoo!  

(Brand as a whole 4/5 but lipstick would receive a 5/5)

Olivia Thristan

Halloween themed cookies!

So firstly I shall apologise for the awful quality of the picture I am going to post along with this post, but hey ho. Last year for halloween I was invited to one of my best friends parties and she asked as all to bring food along, and me being me decided to spend the best part of a day making some Halloween themed biscuits: So firstly you pick your biscuit- gingerbread and shortbread are a good option because they are easy to make into shapes, I picked short bread so here is a recipe to make your own. I recommend making the short bread into circles with a cutter as they are easier to decorate later. Once the short bread is made and cooled you need some ready to roll icing any colour is good but I picked white I was originally making the nightmare before Christmas themed cookies as my best friend loves that film and it was who she was dressing up as! Also cut the icing into circles place a circle on top the of biscuit then you will need some squeeze icing which you can buy from here any colours you wish but I would recommend having black, orange and red as they are the most easy colours to work with. For ideas to decorate your biscuits I just typed in Halloween cookies and theirs turned out a lot better than mine but it's all about the fun!

My awful version of the Halloween Cookies.
Hello Sweetie!

Olivia Thristan

The Autumn Tag

Favourite thing about Autumn?
The leaves falling from the trees, being a media student I love to film everything and the other day I was just thinking how much of a great time lapse it would be- so simple but yet great! The fact that it's too hot like summer or too cold like winter, bit of both! 

Favourite drink?
I don't really have a favourite autumn drink? I think warm lemonade fits more into a winter tag? Same with hot chocolate. 

Favourite scent/candle?
Yankee Candle- Honey blossom this candle is so amazing I need another one in my life damn, and I love the fact that the candle itself is an autumn-y colour. 

Best lipstick?
I have two favourites- my soap and glory the missing pink its a very light pink shade and looks fabulous in any season in my opinion it just gives your lips a nice shade of pink or Kate Moss 01 Red, I think red is a great statement lipstick with any outfit, Stand out. 

Go-to moisturiser?
The Garnier moisture match for dry skin, my skin always gets so dry starting around this time it's awful so I moisturise my face about 10 times a day.
Go-to colour for the eyes?
I always go for dark purples and greys when I wear eyeshadow because the colours go best with eyes, I do not suit bright colours or black it looks awful. 

Favourite music to listen to?
I love slow music, I've always loved the fray I like to sit inside when it's cold outside and just listen to the fray *as I am doing now* I am also in love with Birdy and her new song Wings. And unpopular opinion right now wrecking ball by Miley Cyrus, blah blah she's a whore, whatever. But damn the girl can sing.  

Favourite outfit to wear?
It's finally acceptable to wear massive jumpers and jeans, much prefer autumn and winter for this, I hate showing flesh, would much rather cover it. Or a nice dress with some tights and a cardigan, cute. 

Autumn treat?
Another  massive jumper as I only own one and I think I need at least 3 to see me through the cold weather and to wear whilst i'm washing the others! But not for a while as I have no money atm. SPENDING BAN. 

Favourite place to be?
I have a few, but in this weather inside. So my house or my boyfriends or maybe even uni... yes i'm sad but I love uni it's so fun! 

I tag: 
Everyone who hasn't already done it! Hehe

Sprinkles and Love
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Don't let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game.

Many of you may know the quote in the title of the post is from the film a Cinderella story and it is a quote that Sam the main character lives her life by, anyway enough of that I decided this post would be about all the inspirational quotes that help me continue to live everyday and keep a smile on my face even on the toughest of days: I would love to know what quotes inspire you and if any of these did!

*Disclaimer these images are not mine and do not belong to me they are just images that I found online that I liked*

Olivia Thristan