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Hello everyone - I'm Zofia!
I blog over at littlemisspradaxo. I've been blogging since July 2012 and it's something I do every single day. I'm a full time blogger alongside my new job at The Perfume Shop.. *no, you can't have discount;-)*.
I'm always looking for guest bloggers to blog on my blog and if possible, blog on another bloggers space on the internet. I love meeting new bloggers and it's something I've only just started to do.

A few nights ago on Twitter I came across Jess' blog and as you can see - we came to the idea of guest posting for eachother!
We decided to do a post on something we're loving at the moment as it's such a straightforward post and it's something I always seem to do on a guest post! We always have that one product we're using every single day, don't we?

After popping into Tesco after ages I came across their beauty bits and bobs at the end of an isle. I knew Tesco did beauty bits because I've seen on a few blogs the 'Vivo' range and didn't think it was much of a bargain because it was around the £3 mark and many other brands have inexpensive makeup now a days so I never gave it a try.

Much to my surprise I came across these nail polishes at 49P... cheaper than a chocolate bar nowadays! I picked up 3 for the cheap price of £1.50 which is brilliant. I never really had high hopes for them because sometimes you can pick up inexpensive polishes and they end up setting really sticky and gloopy or they chip really quick - these don't!

As you can see, I picked up three colours. I'm not too sure if they do anymore but these came across to be quite rare as they only had one of each on the shelves - yep, lucky me!
I thought these were beautiful Autumn shades, although looking at them on the shelf, they didn't really catch my eye as I thought they were just basic purple/dark shades. 

Purple Rain 
Purple rain is a basic bluey/purple shade. I didn't really get what colour this polish would look like when I saw it on the shelf purely because it looks quite shimmery, yet it doesn't look anything like the dark purple shade swatched...
When I tested this today on the nail wheel I was surprised at the outcome. 

I don't think I was too keen on this shade at first. I'm not really a HUGE fan of darks so I waited to see it swatched.
I think this is a gorgeous shimmery black type colour. It's got a hint of green in, which I like. I know MUA do a shade like this and that's what Emerald reminded me of!

Plum Raisin
Plum raisin HAS to be my favourite out of the three! I love it. It's the sort of purple I like and I'm wearing it right now.
It fits in with Autumn perfectly and looks good on short nails as many other dark's don't. In the bottle, I find that this colour looks lighter and on the nails it's a bit darker.

I really want to find more shades of these nail polishes as they're great value, a cheaper alternative, good stocking fillers for presents also.
I'd like to find some lighter shades and see the outcome in those, I'll have to scour the isles of Tesco!
All in all, I think these nail polishes are good value for money as they don't chip that easily, they're good as a touch up and I love the way they apply. They feel smooth on the nails and there's no need for a top coat and they're very fast at drying - they also don't end up gloopy which is my bug bare!

Thankyou very much for reading, 
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Olivia Thristan

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