My week In Pictures #2

Here is my second week in pictures, they were mostly taken during my trip to Birmingham yesterday where I bought the remaining items for my give-away including the bathbomb from lush I am super excited to send it to somebody, it looks so cute in a box with pretty pink tissue paper kind of wishing I was keeping it all for myself! BUT NO. Bad Jess.  Below is the cake which I made for my boyfriend as you can tell it's not the best but it's the though that counts hey?  

So I have no idea what on earth made somebody want to make this book but it is so hilarious, when I took a look inside of the book there was a fair few funny places for you to poke with your .. penis. Weird hey?

My trip to Birmingham happened to fall on the Bullrings' tenth birthday which meant everything was ten times brighter and covered in balloons and ribbon! I've got to admit the bulls makeover is pretty cute!

Okay so when I was in leeds a few weeks ago a saw these erasers and I loved them and ended up buying a fair few and then when I saw them yesterday again.. you will never guess what I did? Oh yes I now own 5 more of these super cute rubbers! I am obsessed with cute stuff and erasers so.. win win.

And I ended my trip with a trip to the Krispy Kreme factory in selfridges, I went to order A donut and something weird happened.. I ended up saying can I order a custom dozen, I have no idea why but I didn't say i'd made a mistake oh no, I had the dozen- yes I spent £10.95 on donuts! I was so shocked after, but I was very popular to say the least yesterday haha!
So how many of you have been to birmingham? Or what is the nearest place to you which you go for a good ole shop? Would love to know your thoughts and feedback!

Peace out,
Olivia Thristan


  1. You know
    "rubbers" in the US means condoms
    and after the Penis Pokey book, what was I to think?!

  2. I love those eyeball lamps! The donuts look really delicious :D

  3. I went into the town center once, and the bull said "CHARLOTTES HERE" and I nearly died. Some bloke had put a massive speaker under the bull and had hidden himself and was going 'moooo' and talking to strangers as they walked past. the bloody bull talked! so while my friend was waiting for me, the man spoke to her, asking if she'd been stood up. and she said she was waiting for her friend charlotte. the bloody bull scared the living hell out of me and everytime i walked past that day it took the pissssss :(

    hope curt had a nice birthday, see you soon xxxxxx

  4. I own that book!!!
    Don't worry, I haven't actually USED it.. My friend bought it for me as a joke present!

    Those rubbers are the absolute cutest!