Book Review- Undone Cat Clarke.

Cat Clarke- Undone Rating:5/5 No picture as I bought the book on my kindle!

I'd like to start this review by saying best book I have ever read, I was just interested from start to end and I could not put the book down- the countless nights in the last few weeks I've stayed up reading once I started I found it hard to leave the book alone, it is like nothing I have ever read before. I had a rough idea of the outline of the story because of what my friend who recommended the book to me told me whilst explaining why I would like it, but it was beyond my expectations!

The story entails a boy and a girl best friends for their entire lives and something happens to the boy which makes him take his own life, the girl cannot come to terms with it and she MUST find out who did the evil thing who made him take his own life, she is led down the path to believe it is the popular people at school whose fault it is and befriends them all to mess with their heads, but along the line she falls in love and it ends with a shocking twist which you are NOT expecting.

I'll tell you the book was like a roller coaster from start to finish it had me grinning and bawling my eyes out within a few pages you really connect with the book you feel like you are there with the girl as she goes through this hell of a ride to find out why her best friend kills himself. The book has many sensitive topics in such as suicide, rape, sexuality, bullying and just life at high school which most of you know is one of the hardest things to go through if you are not in the "it" crowd. But Cat Clarke explores the issues in a way which teenagers can relate to and think hey i'm not alone. You definitely connect with the main character on another level you are in her head, you feel a part of her life with her going through this journey from start to end and that is what makes this book so jaw droppingly amazing.

I'd rate this book 5/5 stars as it is like nothing I have ever read before and is written in such a way that I and other young people can relate to and I could not put the book down it was taking over my life- always a good thing in my eyes. I would recommend this book to anybody who after a good young adult read about the struggles of teenage life- Truly amazing Cat Clarke!
Olivia Thristan


  1. I guess I know what im buying next.. It sounds quite good.

    1. it is such an amazing book, I would say go for it for sure :) xx

    2. it is such an amazing book, I would say go for it for sure :) xx