Tangle Attack.

When browsing the internet a while back I came across the "tangle teezer" which at most places is around the ten pound mark, I considered buying it as my hair is thick and gets very knotty until I came across a post on the tangle attack- poundland had made their own version and which is obviously a pound, it looks the same as the tangle attack but around £9.00 cheaper, as I do not know how good the tangle teezer is I can't compare the two but from using the Tangle Attack for several weeks I found it to be great it removes the knots instantly without hurting and it fits into my bag great and has a cover on to stop any bits getting into it, although I'm sure the tangle teezer probably is a lot better and looks like a more expensive product I am perfectly happy with mine and the fact it cost a POUND is a bonus, there is only one downside to the tangle attack the packaging is pretty awful it's in bright flowery packaging- but it's a good thing that is only the box and does not reflect the product inside- I'm so glad I decided to buy one I mean even if it was the worst brush in the world it was only a pound afterall, but I am so pleased with the results and I think everybody needs a tangle attack in their life!

Confessions of a shopaholic tag

I was look for some inspiration for today's blog post and I came across Hannah's blog where I found the confessions of a shopaholic tag and decided I would share my own shopping secrets with you fellow bloggers so here goes! At the end you should tag ten other bloggers to have take part! 

1. Would you consider yourself a shopaholic?
 - I guess so? Considering I usually always run out of money due to the fact I spend so much on clothes- but only when I go out of my town as it's pretty rubbish but for the last three months I have been to Birmingham and Wolverhampton a blew a lot of wonga on clothes!

2. How Would you classify your style? - I'd say my style isn't the typical in fashion style? I like the darker "alternative" clothes, I wear doc martens with pretty much anything- leather jackets are fabulous, I love checked shirts with skinny jeans. I also like quite weird t-shirts my last "unique!" tee feature snow white in stocking showing her bum(my nan wasn't as impressed as me) and I wear my dresses with converse because that's just who I am? I'm different.

3. What store can you not leave without buying at least one thing? - I'm pretty sure a lot of people have the same answer as me for this one, PRIMARK- it is actually impossible to go in there without spending a single bit of money whether it's their earrings, knickers or cute socks it has to be done, recently I have bought 5 sets of pj's from there it just has to be done.

4. Where do you find the best deals? - I guess the same answer as above? Primark are the cheapest shop for great items I mean where else can you buy a whole outfit for under 20 quid including shoes?

5. Do you have a "go to" shopping outfit? - No I don't I usually wear something comfy on my feet though considering doc martens don't quite fit the bill for walking around for hours on end.

6.What is your guilty pleasure? (not including beauty products) - Socks it's got to be I cannot go into a shop which has cute socks in and not buy a pair- last weekend I spent 6 quid on socks in forever 21 alone. But come on who doesn't love socks with little rainbows on?

7. What is one staple clothing piece you can't live without?
 - My leather jacket, in my opinion you can wear a leather jacket for any occasion you can wear it with a dress to go out or just when you're going shopping- anything goes with a leather jacket, except maybe the boiling sun- wouldn't recommend that. 

 8. What is a trend you hope never goes out of style? - Do Doc Martens count? i'm not even sure they're in style? But I wear them with pretty much anything and I think they complete an outfit. 

9. What trend did you love that passed away too quickly? - I'm not the sort of person who cares about is in fashion- my style reflects me- simple. But I did dip dye my hair before it become cool to do so. 

10. Who is your fashion icon? - I LOVE Zooey Deschanels' style she can make a simple dress look AMAZING, she just has a down to earth style which I like about her she isn't even bothered about labels.

My week In Pictures #2

Here is my second week in pictures, they were mostly taken during my trip to Birmingham yesterday where I bought the remaining items for my give-away including the bathbomb from lush I am super excited to send it to somebody, it looks so cute in a box with pretty pink tissue paper kind of wishing I was keeping it all for myself! BUT NO. Bad Jess.  Below is the cake which I made for my boyfriend as you can tell it's not the best but it's the though that counts hey?  

So I have no idea what on earth made somebody want to make this book but it is so hilarious, when I took a look inside of the book there was a fair few funny places for you to poke with your .. penis. Weird hey?

My trip to Birmingham happened to fall on the Bullrings' tenth birthday which meant everything was ten times brighter and covered in balloons and ribbon! I've got to admit the bulls makeover is pretty cute!

Okay so when I was in leeds a few weeks ago a saw these erasers and I loved them and ended up buying a fair few and then when I saw them yesterday again.. you will never guess what I did? Oh yes I now own 5 more of these super cute rubbers! I am obsessed with cute stuff and erasers so.. win win.

And I ended my trip with a trip to the Krispy Kreme factory in selfridges, I went to order A donut and something weird happened.. I ended up saying can I order a custom dozen, I have no idea why but I didn't say i'd made a mistake oh no, I had the dozen- yes I spent £10.95 on donuts! I was so shocked after, but I was very popular to say the least yesterday haha!
So how many of you have been to birmingham? Or what is the nearest place to you which you go for a good ole shop? Would love to know your thoughts and feedback!

Peace out,

Book Review- Undone Cat Clarke.

Cat Clarke- Undone Rating:5/5 No picture as I bought the book on my kindle!

I'd like to start this review by saying best book I have ever read, I was just interested from start to end and I could not put the book down- the countless nights in the last few weeks I've stayed up reading once I started I found it hard to leave the book alone, it is like nothing I have ever read before. I had a rough idea of the outline of the story because of what my friend who recommended the book to me told me whilst explaining why I would like it, but it was beyond my expectations!

The story entails a boy and a girl best friends for their entire lives and something happens to the boy which makes him take his own life, the girl cannot come to terms with it and she MUST find out who did the evil thing who made him take his own life, she is led down the path to believe it is the popular people at school whose fault it is and befriends them all to mess with their heads, but along the line she falls in love and it ends with a shocking twist which you are NOT expecting.

I'll tell you the book was like a roller coaster from start to finish it had me grinning and bawling my eyes out within a few pages you really connect with the book you feel like you are there with the girl as she goes through this hell of a ride to find out why her best friend kills himself. The book has many sensitive topics in such as suicide, rape, sexuality, bullying and just life at high school which most of you know is one of the hardest things to go through if you are not in the "it" crowd. But Cat Clarke explores the issues in a way which teenagers can relate to and think hey i'm not alone. You definitely connect with the main character on another level you are in her head, you feel a part of her life with her going through this journey from start to end and that is what makes this book so jaw droppingly amazing.

I'd rate this book 5/5 stars as it is like nothing I have ever read before and is written in such a way that I and other young people can relate to and I could not put the book down it was taking over my life- always a good thing in my eyes. I would recommend this book to anybody who after a good young adult read about the struggles of teenage life- Truly amazing Cat Clarke!

The Healthiest Chips Around!

I've been trying to loose weight for some time now and I find this hard because I love the unhealthy things in life! So when I found the recipe for low calorie chips at around 110 calories a serving I was over the moon! The best thing about them is that they taste like they've been in a deep fat fryer, for a lifestyle themed post I decided to share this with you.

You will need:
3/4 fairly decent sized potatoes (per serving)
A bottle of fry light- ONE CALORIE PER SPRAY!
Salt and Vinegar (optional)

Step 1:  
Pre heat the oven to about 220 or 180 if you have a fan assisted oven, then put a pan of water on to boil then you get your potatoes and peel them, chop them into 1/2 inch strips- the size is your choice, the thicker the better! 

Step 2:
Place the strips of potato into boiling water for 4-5 minutes when the time is up you need to drain the potatoes then shake them about in the pan this gives them the "roughness" that you get with chips.

Step 3:
Tip the chips onto a baking try and cover them with fry light which is okay because it is only one calorie per spray it is my saviour! Pop them in the oven to cook for 20-25 minutes!

Step 4:
When the chips are looking brown and crisp they are ready woo! Take them out of the oven whilst they're still fresh coat them in salt and vinegar and SHABAM! You have a plate of fresh delicious low calorie chips!