The Person Behind The Photo- 30 facts about me!

As i'm still new to the blogging world, I thought I would let you know a bit more about me and try to get know some of you a bit better! :)

1. I own over 100 DVDS- including the two and a half men, peep show and friends box set! And I have watched all of my DVDs at least 3 times each!

2. My feet are child sized- I always have to buy childrens shoes! 

3. I am obsessed with Hello Kitty- I literally buy anything with her face on.

4. I collect "weird" 50ps I have 14 so far- I just find them interesting.

5. I have over 300 magazines in my collection which I cut out and stick all over my wall.

6. My favourite colour is pink.

7. I spend hours and a lot of money on stationary that I don't even need, I will literally just buy anything that I like and then never end up using it. 

8. I am studying film and television production at university- starting in September!

9. I haven't had my hair my natural colour since I was 13, I hate it.

10. I work at sainsburys, I like it purely for the fact I get to learn about different people.

11. My lucky number is 13 as I was born on Friday 13th.

12. I am a lightweight, I can never drink much alcohol without getting wasted, and my friends say I put on a high voice when I am drunk.. so not true ;)

13. My middle name is Leigh, which I never use unless I have to.

14. I have 7 piercings and am hoping to get several more on my ears. 

15. My favourite food is pizza with a side of salad. 

16. I have never tried a curry- which most people find weird?

17. I have not left the house without straightening my hair since I found out what hair straighteners were- aged 12. 

18. I am 20 years old but look about 14 as my younger sister looks older than me!

19. I am scared of the dark, dogs, spiders and small spaces. 

20. I hate Coffee and Tea, I think they smell and taste rank? Unpopular Opinion.

21. I am awful at maths, I have taken my GCSE exam 3 times and got a D everytime.

22. I like to write- since the age of ten I have wrote stories and not shown anyone.

23. I get bored easily

24. I have been having driving lessons for 8 months and I am still nowhere near taking my test.

25. I hate horror films, I cannot stand them- Give me a chick flick or comedy anyday.

26. I would actually turn for Taylor Momsen she is beautiful. 

27. I have seen all time low live 6 times and would go to any of their gigs- no matter what. THEY ARE PERFECT.

28. I spent 45 quid on a grabber machine trying to a minion from despicable me because they are super cute.

29. I adore cats even though I am allergic to them, I love them and will stroke them despite the effect it has on me after!

30. I used to wear a tutu in public when I was 13 thinking I was cool because nobody else did.

Done! Let me know if any of you guys share any of these with me or what you think :3 

Want to know a little bit more about me


  1. I can relate to some of these! I have to buy children's shoes and sometimes children's clothes, lol.
    A Beauty Moment

  2. hate being small :( i'm only 5'2 ! xo