Since a young age, I've always dreamt of getting married. Like most girls, growing up around the romcoms and the Disney films with the happy endings, it gives you something to aspire to. Although as they say the course of true love never did run smooth, once you've found the one they say you know. Back in High School and College people did get engaged, but none of them ever seemed to work out, but it felt like it was the best way to show a romantic gesture I assume. Fast forward to my late teens and early 20's, people my age are getting married for real, they have kids and are settled down. Since being introduced to Pinterest, I fell in love with making a variety of different wedding-themed boards, with everything from how the day would pan out to the location and I'm not even engaged yet. Taking a look at specifics I think I would like my wedding in the UK, during the summer when it is most likely to be sunny (although who knows with England?), featuring all of the cute touches you see in the perfect Pinterest weddings, including the fairground rides and the sweet stall. As well as planning the wedding, the Honeymoon follows. With so many destinations to chose, decided to make a short list and hopefully inspire some of you who are actually planning your honeymoon. 

Thailand has been on my travel bucket list for the longest time, the experience of Thailand as a whole seems out of this world. Bangkok seems like the perfect destination to explore. The ideal honeymoon for those who are looking for something a little different, great for those looks to get out and do things as opposed to a beach styled trip. With hotels at a bargain price, you can do it all with honeymoons with Destination2 from the flights to the hotels, they've got you covered. With an extensive list of sights to see in Thailand, you will have a jam-packed adventure. With the hot weather, all year round, sounds like a change from England right? Oh, and the food sounds like a little bit of a dream, doesn't it?  

The Maldives:
If your idea of a perfect honeymoon is a chill week on the beach, surrounded by the best weather, and some seriously picturesque views. It's a super way to spend time together, as well as having a good old relax. Snorkelling is a popular past time, and it gives you the chance to explore a huge range of sea life, a once in a lifetime experience that's for sure.

Disneyland Orlando:  
It may sound a little strange to some, but my idea of an amazing honeymoon would be going to Disneyland, not only is it fun and full of things to explore, have the little extra added touch of being in Disneyland and exploring the parks. With fireworks to finish off every night, sounds like the perfect end to the day right? You can also explore Orlando itself with tons of shops, restaurants and plenty of beaches nearby. It's a great place to take pictures (for the gram) and enjoy the magical experience. 

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