Valentines Day, let's be honest as a single person sucks, beyond belief. It is a day (and even more for the run-up to it) of being reminded your single, seeing everyone around you getting engaged, being all loved up and getting presents. I've been there. I am also happy to say this year seems like it'll be the first year I am with someone I truly care about. I am one of those people who want to buy all of the loved-up shit for their partner, I can say I think I've changed. Two years ago the idea of Valentine's day made me want to chuck up (a lot), I thought my friends were soppy gits, but it turns out I now feel that way too. To a certain extent. I as a person wouldn't be me without a bit of humour in the mix. Which is where Love Layla comes in. Love Layla is a family run business who specialise in cards (specifically) the rude and offensive kind. They make cards based on what people think rather than what they actually say. Like, saying I love you and you're my world on a card, is great and all but, a card with a true story behind it like "everyday I fall more in love with you... except yesterday you were a twat", it makes me laugh and it is so much more memorable don't you think?  

The range of Valentines Day cards they have on site is HUGE, there are so many different choices, it is super difficult to decide on just one. The cards range from the slightly more PG ones like "I wouldn't want to watch a box set with anyone else" to a variety of other stuff (not for the faint-hearted, I warned you first) if you wanna check out these amazing cards, you can check out the Valentines Day range here. All of the card designs are unique, and you won't find one like it on the high street. Everything from the way the cards are made, to the little graphics on each of them, you can tell a lot of thought goes into them. Love Layla started as a husband and wife duo at home in their office, and it was named after their daughter. These cards and other products (gotta remember those balloons and badges too) are fun, new and exciting. If you're up for a laugh and so is your other half, I'd recommend checking out Love Layla. P.s. You only have 14 days til the 'big day' so you better get buying them (quickly!) 

Which is your favourite card? 

*In collaboration with Love Layla, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I mean common, these cards rock! 

*Collaborative post