Fashion: a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour.

I've never been one of those people who are all up to date with the trends, I struggling to even wear a matching outfit half of the time and I couldn't imagine creating a wardrobe for each season. To me fashion is individual and reflects our personalities, to what I think is one of the best things, ever. Somebody else might hate. I have always been a girl who loves to wear black, but weirdly I love pink too, anything pink hmu. I have featured a variety of alternative fashion on my blog, including a wishlist of alternative shoes and many shop my style posts. But today I thought I'd delve a little deeper into my fashion choices and share with you what trends I want to see more of this year as well as my fashion influences. Hopefully you enjoy this post and let me know your fashion inspirations in the comments. 

From as long as I can remember (when I was allowed to pick my own clothes) bar the short 'chavvy' faze I went through in year 8 where I may have worn a Mckenzie jacket and large hooped earnings as well as a pair of trackies on occasion. I followed the style choices of the alternative people in the bands I loved. Hayley Williams from Paramore being my main idol in my early teens (she still rocks it now tbh), along with the 'scene' models all over My Space (throwback) and my internet friends too. It was all about backcombed hair, ripped jeans, band tees and converse. This a faze that stuck around for a while, and to this day I still love converse and wouldn't be against wearing band tees again. I quite enjoyed this style, minus the fact the majority of my life at this point was in school uniform.

After this I moved onto the more 'edgy' styles within in the rock/ pop punk industry and I took inspiration from Taylor Momsen, I went for the fishnets with the tees style, boots and lots of eyeliner. Oh and my staple leather (fake of course) jacket which was pretty much in every single photo growing up, I wore the chokers and the red lipstick and dyed my hair a variety of colours and I loved it and I have to say it is one of my most confident periods. Once I started to realise wearing something more covered up would be better (and warmer) my style became a little bit of everything. Mostly based around dresses with boots and long tees and leggings, I enjoy to wear more skirts and even add some more colour to my palette which to me is a big deal. 

So what does the future hold in terms of me and style as well as the rest of the world? After looking into trends I can see that pastels are supposed to be huge this spring/summer which to me is a dream, I am crazy in love with pastels. Another one I've seen is the return of Corduroy, you can pretty much get anything in Corduroy including dungarees and skirts wahey. This time it's coming back in the form of comfort and I love it. The material is so versatile so pretty much anyone can wear it and style it how they like. I know Chords are making a return which are a great fashion piece for the men in your life and Chums has all of the latest styles and fashion pieces.

Another trend I am hopeful for is the bright coloured statement pieces, a few years back I created some gorgeous tees online with my brand on them, and I'd love to do it again this year, bold and bright, there are so many choices online to do it including Printsome. I found that  I am a huge fan of making a statement and I love wearing bright and 'out there' pieces. My beautiful new Dr Martens are my new favourite staple piece, but as the year progresses I am sure I will gain a few more, and who knows even try something new? Someone pass me the corduroy and the glitter! The final fashion trend I am going to talk to you about is, prepare yourself for this, sequins! This is literally like my dream, I pretty much will buy any fashion piece that is covered in sequins, they're mostly going out dresses but I am hoping sequins will come in a bigger variety of choice this year. 

What are you hoping makes a comeback this year? 

*Collaborative post