As much as I like going out to restaurants for 'date night', nothing quite beats a quiet night in with a pizza, finding something to watch on Netflix (I have some great recommendations, btw) and chilling in bed in your comfiest pj's. I am a huge fan of ordering takeout pizza, I am pretty sure my local pizza place is now on first name terms with me and know my order off by heart. However looking at my finances and my obsession with pizza growing, even more, it was time to find a cheaper alternative. Sometimes though, those takeaway pizzas from the back section of your local supermarket don't quite cut it. In recent years there has been a huge demand for supermarket pizzas that taste like the real deal.

This where Ristorante come into this, if you don't know who Ristorante is, then where have you been? Ristorante is one of the only frozen pizza companies who have a mushroom only pizza (my fave!!) as well as offering gluten-free pizzas and a variety of other classic pizzas like pepperoni, four cheese and cheese and tomato. Recently Ristorante has brought out a limited edition pizza called the Bianca Deliciosa. A pizza topped with a creamy white sauce topped with onion and bacon, essentially it is a carbonara on a pizza. Smells like one too. I am a huge fan of the number of pizzas in recent years having a creamy white sauce base as opposed to a tomato one, it mixes things up for sure.

So for our date night this week, we headed to our local Asda and picked up two pizzas to try, both pizzas cost us a fiver, so pretty good going. We also stocked up on a variety of sweet treats and drinks (because a date night wouldn't be complete without treats!) and headed home, dependant on the oven you have, the pizzas take around 11 minutes to cook to perfection. What I noticed about these pizzas as opposed to some other frozen ones is that they didn't fall into a sloppy mess when trying to take them out of the oven. They were easy to cut up and we tucked in. The Bianca Deliciosa tasted and smelt just like a carbonara on a pizza, the smell of the bacon took over the house and took me back to being 10 years old and my mum cooking carbonara for tea. The base was thin and crispy and wasn't too heavy on the stomach. The ease of the pizzas doesn't mean you need to sacrifice any of the quality and they're also super purse friendly. The pizzas seem like a great idea to get in for when you are having friends over or to have a chill night with your other half.

Which pizza from their range would you most like to try? 

*No pizzas were harmed in the making of this post, this post was in collaboration with Ristorante, however, all thoughts are my own.