Sweeter things gift guide:  
If you know, you'll know I am a huge fan of just about anything sweet. So it only seemed fitting to create a gift guide based around the 'sweeter things in life'. In recent years I've noticed an increase of items that look the same but taste completely different. I mean last year I had a chocolate tool kit, so I am glad that tasted different. Some of the creations are amazing and you have to do a double take to realise what they actually are. I hope you enjoy my insight into a gift guide of all things sweet. 

Chocolate Biscuits £13.99:
I couldn't believe how realistic these are, even down to the detail on each biscuit. All made from a variety of chocolates, which all taste amazing. You can tell a lot of love has gone into creating each of these and you almost expect them to taste like the item you believe them to be. These are a perfect gift for secret Santa, anyone who is a huge chocolate lover, like myself. Or for just something a little bit different. 

When on the Find Me A Gift website, I first spotted a chocolate cheese board, and I was in awe of how realistic it was. Unfortunately it was out of stock for the foreseeable. So I opted for these awesome chocolate vegetables, it's weird how realistic the sweetcorn looks. I can confirm they do taste better than vegetables, and make a cute little stocking filler gift too. For other cool food related stocking fillers check out this chocolate pizza kit or this adorable heart shaped pasta

When I saw this book I fell in love. Your own personalised cookbook with recipes of your choice, you can even add your own. It's simple and easy to make too. You pick a cover, and then if this is for a present you can also write who it is for on the inside over along with a picture (possibly a picture of you and them?) then you chose your recipes, this is when it gets fun, you can pick 36 recipes either from the different categories on site or add in your own, or a mix of both. Then organise them in whichever order you like. Final step is picking whether you want this hardback or paperback. Prices can vary from £15 upwards which in my opinion is fabulous for the product. The recipes are step by step and easy to recreate, which is great for an amateur cooks (holla!) 

What sweet treats are you hoping for this year?