Novelty Books Haul: 
I am not a huge reader, however there are certain books I will always make time for, novelty books. Anything from 101 hangover recipes to Mr Greedy eats clean to get lean, yes that is a real book. Today I thought I'd bring you a post on my favourite novelty books, and even give you some Christmas inspiration for loved ones or just treat yourself, you're worth it! These books can be bought from pretty much everywhere and anywhere and range from £5.99 to £14.95. Hopefully you enjoy this post and I'd love to know in comments what your favourite novelty book is. 

The Gummy Bear Book £9.95-
When I saw this on the Urban Outfitters website I knew I had to have it, in short this book is filled with gummy bears doing stuff, like a mosh pit and the conga. It's a great book for those days when you need a little bit of cheering up. Easy to read through, colourful and lots of fun. Credit to Dan Golden for creating this book. Would recommend to anyone with a childish sense of humour or who just loves gummy bears. 

The Little Book Of Life Hacks £14.95-
I was drawn into this book from the minute I saw it's cover, it's so pretty and girly. I am a huge fan of life hacks, anything to make something easier right? It contains pretty much everything from how to cook vegetables to how to shift a bad mood. The book is filled with lovely illustrations, and these make the book even more appealing to me. 199 pages of goodness awaits you. You can purchase this from the Urban Outfitters website. 
Where To Eat Pizza? £11.67- 
If you follow me on social media, you will know I am the biggest pizza fiend. So this book seemed like an obvious choice, each page filled with recommendations of where to eat pizza around the world, telling you when they're open, what they sell and their best offerings. This is the perfect book for someone who is going travelling soon to have a snoop of before they go to get some ideas down. Also if you travel around the UK a lot, you'll find some of these places on your travels. Available from Amazon.  

Tinder Nightmares £9.99- 
Hands down one of the funniest books I've read this year, for someone who has had plenty of first hand experience of tinder, this book rings true. It makes you feel slightly less on your own throughout your awful tinder escapades. The book is split into sections and covers pretty much every bad scenario you could imagine. Including strange requests, persistence (we all know the one) and even some broetry. Some of the 'chat up lines' are out of this world honestly. Purchase this from Firebox for £9.99

F In Spelling £5.99-
I own all of this collection and they're well worth reading. Humorous books created from real life examples of some of the best (or should I say worst) exam paper mistakes, half of the things in this book are funny due to the spellings completely changing the way a sentence is written. One of my favourite things in the whole book is the following:

What happened at the birth of Buddha?
He was born. 

Honestly so many funny examples in the book and well worth picking up next time you fancy a bit more of a funny book. Available to purchase from Amazon

How to swear around the world £9.99-
This book is a stroke of pure genius and not something I'd recommend taking travelling with you. The book is full of the many ways to swear and say rude things in other languages. I remember everyone in year 10 at school looking up swear words in the French dictionary to call each other, I would recommend using it in this way. OR to your friends in other countries who will understand the joke but find it funny as opposed to offensive. Well worth it for learning the language of a country you are visiting as you can find out what they're saying to you if they are rude! This book is from Firebox.  

Would you buy any of these books?