Recently I was sent a lovely parcel from L'oreal featuring some their new collection. I hadn't heard much about their new collections, however some of the pieces which I received were right up my street! (Hello dark lip colours galore) As most of you are aware, lip products are my favourite thing to have in my collection, so when I saw this parcel was primarily lip products, I was pretty happy! I also received a lovely glow kit and glow drops as well two of their brushes. Hopefully this review gives you some inspiration, especially with the darker lip colours, perfect for the months ahead. 

First thing I noticed was the Sapphire star lip gloss as it gives me some next level unicorn vibes. In the holographic collection there are 4 lip glosses and an out of this world glow kit. The lip glosses are £7.99 each and are exclusive to Superdrug. I was desperate to try out Sapphire star, I applied this and it wasn't as bright as I thought it was going to be, I did a couple of coats and it did build up, possibly not as much as I'd like but that's just me wanting to a create a bolder look with a bright blue lip gloss. This look is more subtle and you can see the glitter within the gloss and it does look holographic. Plus the packaging is lovely, I would probably layer this on to a matte lipstick to give it a bolder look. The product is moisturising to the lips and has an easy to apply applicator. 

The glow kit has 5 beautiful shades and these are from L-R:
Purple Nebula, Rose Delirium, Silver Supernova, Jupiter Green and Cosmic Blue. 

The first thing I noticed when I swatched this palette was how pigmented each shade is, the shades are designed to be a highlighter, however I feel like they'd work anywhere you fancy due to them being such a workable shades. Superdrug advises wetting your brush before application for a more intense highlight. I was most drawn to Rose Delirium as you can see the glitter shimmering and on the skin which is lush. All of the shades are fab for your collection and well worth the purchase of £12.99. 

Merry Metals:
As part of this collection I have the Glow drops as well as a metallic lip paint in a purple shade however I am unsure as to what the shade is actually called. So the glow drops to me were a new thing. I have tried a foundation in the similar format, however not a highlighter. I am in love with how little you need to use for an amazing glow, it is easy to blend and looks fab. I am crazy in love with anything metallic and purple lip colours as my go to. With this you can wear a more 'subtle' purple, however if you keep building on it, you can create a really deep shade. This has an easy applicator, and I found it to be long lasting and dries really quickly it is quite shimmery also, perfect for those Christmas parties!         

L'oreal lip paint lacquer: 
As soon as I spotted I had these in the shades Purple Panic, Smokey Grey and Bye, Felicia (Ha, love it) I was so excited to try them out. I am a regular wearer of purple as I am sure I have mentioned many times in this post, however this is quite a bright purple as opposed to a deep one. Bye, Felicia is hands down the best blue shade I ever worn, as well as it being long lasting and 'out there' and gets plenty of stares in the vets haha. I have never worn grey on my lips before, however this creates a bold statement look and isn't as daunting as I thought it would be. All of the lip lacquers feel moisturising and I didn't find there to be much bleeding, however it did end up on my teeth before it was dry, oops. These are £6.99 so reasonably priced and well worth it.

I hope this enjoyed this post, and let me know what your favourite product is.