A Christmas hamper can be an ideal personalised gift. If you plan a few weeks in advance and shop around, it’s likely that you’ll pick up some good bargains, too. You don’t have to be overly crafty to make the hamper look good either. Read on for our step-by-step guide to creating the perfect Christmas hamper!

Step 1: Choose the container

The first step in creating a Christmas hamper is choosing what will hold everything.

The wicker basket is the traditional choice and these can be picked up from homeware stores, online sites and even charity shops. Alternatively, you can use a gift box to hold your items. Some hampers can be made on a tray, too (which can double up as a gift afterwards). Pile up the presents on the tray and wrap in cellophane to keep them together.

You should also consider who the hamper is for before purchasing a basket. A hamper can be a good gift for an individual, a couple, or a child. Also think about the colour scheme — a traditional rustic look is always effective in a brown wicker basket. However, if your recipient has a favourite colour, you could find a container suitable for them. Have a vague idea about what is going to go in the hamper before purchasing. If you’re planning on putting some bottles of wine in there, you should ensure that there’s plenty of room for other goodies, too!

Step 2: Choose the contents

You can make the hamper as luxury as you like by choosing the contents that you put inside. This is also the opportunity for you to personalise the gifts — something that you wouldn’t get from a ready-made hamper.

For adults

For adults, shop around for the best deals at supermarkets and online and choose things that you know they’ll use and enjoy. For example, cheese and crackers are traditional items in a Christmas hamper. Many supermarkets sell mini cheese boards around Christmas time, or choose their favourite cheese and crackers and wrap them (e.g. in brown paper) to make them look more presentable.

A lot of alcohol tends to get consumed at Christmas time, so this can be a good gift to add to the hamper. Find out what their favourite wine is or spirit and add a bottle or two. In many supermarkets, mini bottles of wine and prosecco are available and these would fit nicely among other gifts. If the person is a cocktail fan, how about purchasing the ingredients for a cocktail.

Chocolate and sweet treats are another thing that people love to receive around Christmas. If you make your own, you could make a batch of truffles — enough to add to a few hampers. Wrap them in cellophane with a bow to make them look presentable. Add mini mince pies or candy canes to make the hamper look more Christmassy, too.
Other nice gifts to add are chutneys and jams, packs of coffee or tea, and biscuits. Find out what their favourites are and stock up!

For children

A pre-Christmas hamper can be a lovely gift for a child. You could add some carrots for Rudolph, a mince pie for Santa and some reindeer food so Rudolph can find his way to the house (glitter and oats). Add their favourite sweets and a Christmas-themed soft toy and you have the perfect hamper!

For hobbyists

Hampers can be a great way to buy lots of little gifts for someone who has a particular interest — it’s a stocking for adults!

For keen gardeners, in addition to the traditional alcohol and chocolates, you could give them something different. How about some seeds that they might not have grown before from an online retailer such as Dobies? Or some new hanging baskets for the new season? Or even a new plant pot for some indoor gardening? For fisherman, you could add some warm socks, a fishing line or smaller bits of fishing tackle that will come in handy. For pet lovers you could add a warm outfit for their pet, some toys and even a picture of them with their animal.

Step 3: Decorate to perfection

Presentation is key when it comes to making a Christmas hamper — but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Putting presents on a bed of coloured crepe paper can look effective. You could use already shredded paper or you could shred your own gift wrap. Adding labels to some of your gifts can be a nice touch, too — you could say what the gift is and write a personalised comment for them. Add festive stamps on the labels to make them look effective. You could purchase some felt toppers to place on some of your gifts. You can find these in craft stores in the shape of Santa Claus, snowmen and other festive pieces. Wrap your hamper in cellophane to keep everything in place and wrap a red ribbon around the top for a perfect finish!

*Collaborative post