A little while ago, a surprise package of IT Cosmetics arrived at my house. As a blogger, this probably makes me a bad one as I had never heard of this brand, however after texting my sister and how excited she was, I could tell this brand was a big deal. I decided to look into them, and found out they were actually only launching in the UK now and that's where the goodies came from. I was sent a variety of their staple products to try out. A fair while after first trying these out I am happy to share some of my findings with you guys, and let you know you can get free standard delivery on your orders yay. You can reach the It cosmetics UK site here and any of the products mentioned in their top 10 is worth trying! 

The must haves:
Brow power universal eyebrow pencil-
Bit of a mouthful but we got there in the end. This eyebrow pencil is like no other I've ever tried, the formula is amazing and it just glides on to your eyebrow and so easy to fill in your brows with. As someone who over the last few years has realised how much of a difference brows to make to your face, I would recommend this to you. It's a little bit more pricey the ones I have brought in the past but it seems to be lasting better than the other ones I've had in a similar format. I've found it easy to apply and make my brows bold and it seems to last a long time! The fact it has a spooley is great too, makes it so much easier to tame those unruly eyebrows and get them look lush. 

Bye bye under eye concealer-
I permanently seem to have dark circles around my eyes and no matter what I try I can't get rid of them. (Any tips, please share!) But I have now been able to cover these up somewhat, which is amazing. I have noticed with this concealer a little goes a long way. I found the consistency to be thick but easy to apply and quickly covers up those darker parts. It can even cover up tattoos, madness! I found this concealer to be long lasting and a little can go a long way, will definitely be buying the full sized one. 

Your skin but better CC cream- 
I was drawn into this product at first due to it's beautiful shimmery packaging but after reading up on this product and that it can basically be used for anything skin wise, I think it's a great product for what it offers, it's easy to blend and covers up my acne scars pretty well which can be hard as some of them are purple. It's light weight, and doesn't leave your skin patchy after a few hours like a lot of foundations and BB creams I've ever tried in the past. It lasts really well and is great for a full coverage which looks flawless. 

I would purchase these products in their full sizes that's for sure, so much better and long lasting for troubled skin than any previous products I've tried, woo! I would love to know if you've tried IT cosmetics, and what your thoughts are on the brand.