It's November, which for most bloggers means Christmas. I can certainly say I've already started creating my gift guides and I even started in October. When EMP got in touch asking if I would like to create a post for them, I already knew it had to be a gift guide. Going on to their store was like a dream for me, tons of band merch, Pop Vinyls, Pokemon and even a whole section on Unicorns! I am one for 'different' clothing which you'll probably of figured out by now, if you have seen any of my shop my style posts. I am pretty similar with gifts too, I love unique things and anything a little bit out there so EMP is like the perfect site for me. Below I am going to talk about my choices and hopefully you find something you like for a loved one (or yourself, if you're like me). 

Velma Pop Vinyl £12.99-
I have recently gotten into collection Pop Vinyls again, which is pretty bad for my bank balance, however my shelves now look pretty cool. Whether you just have one or 100's, Pop Vinyls brighten up any room and are a great way to start a new collection of your favourites. I am currently building my Scooby Doo collection, can you tell? 

Alice Wrist Watch £29.99- 

EMP have a fabulous collection of wrist watches, including plenty of Disney Princess ones. I saw this one and fell in love, it's still my alternative style with a mix of cuteness. The bow on it just finishes it off. These watches are fabulous gifts for any Disney fans out there!

Unicorn Brew Phone Case £12.99-

I have the largest collection of oversized phone cases, and this is definitely one that fits into the theme. This is a great present for anyone who collects phone cases like me or likes phone cases with a difference. It's not the most discrete phone case ever, however it is adorable and kinda gory too. 

Puking Unicorn Mug £7.99-

Ok so, Unicorns have been a huge thing over the last few years, and I am so glad this is the case. I pretty much would buy every single piece of unicorn merch if I had the space. This mug is great for someone who isn't your typical fan of unicorns, however this mug makes unicorns cooler. Or just someone who loves unicorns. 

All Time Low Shirt £12.99- 

As I said above, EMP have a huuuuuge selection of band tees on offer. I am a huge All Time Low fan, it was like that 14 year old who used to go every concert is still sat within me, despite not going to see them anymore. Their new music isn't as good as their old in my opinion, however they still create some AMAZING merch. If All Time Low isn't the type of band you'd go for there are plenty more to choose from for your friends and family. 

Pokemon Monopoly £32.99- 

I had to put this on here for the childhood throwback, I am a huge monopoly fan and I think it's a great way for people to have fun. When I saw they were recreating Pokemon monopoly I knew it was something I needed. This is a great gift for anyone of any age, who enjoys Monopoly and likes Pokemon too! 

What is your favourite item on the gift guide?

P.s. check out the new EMP tv ad here-

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