I am far too in love with creating the fashion looks for these posts, and as it is officially October that means Autumn! So I have decided to create an Autumn styled clothing wishlist or also known on my site as shop my style! If you haven't guessed from my other posts I have quite a quirky style, and mostly wear dark colours. So Autumn and Winter are my fave times of the year to get new pieces in my wardrobe, including big fluffy jumpers and all of the ankle boots, woo! Let me know your favourite places to get clothing for AW in the comments below! 

Jumper is from Boohoo.
Jeans are from Dorothy Perkins.
Shoes are from Schuh
Bag is from Dollskill

Trousers are from Boohoo.
Tee is from Truffle Shuffle.
Boots are from Attitude Clothing
Jacket is from Topshop. (I know right!?)

Let me know which your favourite outfit is and why!