A couple of months ago I noticed a lot of different wax melts popping up all over the place, I am a huge candle person but I haven't really delved into the world of wax melts. I started to search online for different ones, then I saw on Twitter my friend Liz purchased this amazing look box of melts melts and other goodies and I knew I had to get some in my life. So who are this company may you ask? They're called Moonlight Melts and sell adorable, CHEAP and good quality wax melts in all shapes and sizes, they are constantly popping up new melts and usually for around £1.80 you get 4 melts. I usually melt one or two in one go so that's at least two days per pack. However I end up spending so much on there each time so I have a huge stash. The pictures in this post are actually from my first haul I did with them, however I have ordered another since and I type this I am filling up my basket with some of their new beautiful AW scents, including candy cane and Christmas tree.

I ordered my first order on the Saturday and it had come by the Monday, and postage is just normal so it shows the orders go out so quickly. Everything on site I have tried so far I would recommend to you guys. My favourites being the bubblegum, magic potion and fairy dust. Not only do they smell amazing but they look fab too! You can tell a lot of effort has gone into each one, being a variety of shapes, as well as some of having the addition of glitter yay. The only downside to Moonlight melts is as they're so popular, a lot of favourites sell out quickly, and there can be a little wait for them to come back, however this in a plus in itself as it encourages me to try different ones whilst I wait for those to come back into stock. A lot of the time two scents smell good with each other too, so if you want to mix it up a little bit you can great your own creations. P.s. I was not told to promote this company in anyway I am just in love with their fabulous products. 

Have you ever shopped on Moonlight Melts?