That's right, it's officially October, which means Christmas is on the way. For most of us bloggers planning for Christmas posts, going to related events starts early. So the first of my Christmas posts is going up today. However it is with good reason, this post is all about Christmas parties and how to plan them and inspired by the fact I was invited to my work Christmas social last week it has prompted me to do this post. As they can involve a lot of planning! So welcome to the first of my Christmas posts and following will a range of gift guides, baking posts and other fun Christmas related content and I am so excited to roll it out to you guys! I also realise how many times I have mentioned Christmas in this one paragraph alone so I will get on with my guide to planning a Christmas party now! 

Think guests: 
It is important to plan in advance how many people you plan on inviting (whether they all turn up is a completely different story!) getting a rough idea of numbers is great for food and drink as well venue. You don't want to hire a massive venue for a 10 people. It's a complete waste of money, if you are aiming for a more intimate affair often your house works well. It's cheaper for you and works just as well. Whereas if you are planning on inviting lots of people e.g. a lot of work colleagues and family you may be better finding a bigger venue. There are a huge variety of London party venues, perfect for hosting a Christmas party. As well Birmingham and there can even be some great smaller ones in your town dependant on where you live, as mine has zero. It is also important to make sure your venue has disabled access, as it's awful for someone to not be able to come due to this.

Cater to all of your guests:  
It is important in advance to find out the dietary requirements of your guests as you do not want to limited on options. A buffet can be a great idea for this as it has something for everyone, however if you are thinking a full meal, it may be worth gauging what people like and dislike. As well as any allergies. Another fun idea for a Christmas party could possibly be a Christmas dinner styled meal, similar to a carvery with all of the trimmings. It is also important to remember if you have children attending to find something they will also enjoy to eat and things for them to do. 

Decorations are a MUST: 
I'm sure this is a given, however it can sometimes slip the mind. Decorations are a huge part of any party, especially if you've got a large venue, you want to fill it. For Christmas there are SO many amazing things you can get, including things like of course a Christmas tree, big decorations Party Pieces have some amazing choices on their website, I would recommend checking them out. With decorations in my opinion, the more the better!

I hope you enjoyed my tips and I would love to know yours in the comments.