My music taste over the last year has actually grown so much, I used to be a person who would only listen to rock music but I'm into more upbeat music lately, I think I have my boyfriend to thank for that. Although when I was growing up I didn't realise actually how much music impacted your mood, for me now it's a big thing. When I am feeling down and I go to listen to one of my 'sad' playlists it only brings my mood further down. I thought I'd create a little 'playlist' of music I've been listening to lately and hopefully you find something on there that you like.

Kesha- Praying.

The first time I heard this song it sent chills down my spine, not only is it beautifully written and sang, it's about something so important. It is showing us that Kesha is regaining control of her life, and she's being damn brave whilst doing it. It's empowering and makes you feel inspired. If you haven't heard this song yet, you are seriously missing out.

Taylor Swift- Look what you made me do.
Love it or hate it, everyone is talking about it. It's Taylor Swifts new song and the first time I heard it I was completely shocked, I heard she was bringing out new music and was super happy as I listen to her most days since she's been back on Spotify, then to hear her new song it threw me a little. However it seems to be stuck in my head, I feel like in parts it's a little bad, however for the most part it's unique and totally not the old Taylor. As well she says, the old Taylor is 'dead!'

Zedd & Foxes- Clarity.
I hadn't heard this song until Will introduced me to it, but it's super upbeat and gets stuck in your head. It was released in 2012 and I wish I had heard it a lot sooner to be honest. I love that in the song it sounds like it has a football chant going on, but it definitely adds to the build of the song. The lyrics are sang beautifully by Foxes too.

B.o.B- Magic.
Throwback to this beast of a song! I haven't heard this in years until I heard it on the radio recently and it got stuck in my head so I added it to my playlist and I am forever playing it, for me it's such a mood booster of a song, constantly brings my mood up.

Eminem- Stan.
So at the start of this year I fell in love, I fell in love with Eminem, in ways which I didn't know where possible. I hadn't really listened to much of his music before then, apart from his songs with Rihanna, however when I heard Stan I was hooked, it's a really hard hitting song, and it's like a story through words, again another song which sent shivers down my spine. I am also a huge fan of Mockingbird and Toy Soldiers.

Alone- Halsey.
Halsey has one of the best voices I've ever heard, it's so beautiful to listen to and I could listen to her all day. I often relate to her lyrics and the ones in this song are amazing. It's sang from the heart and you can tell it is a meaningful song.

R.E.M- Imitation Of Life.
Another favourite added to my playlist by my lovely boyfriend, it's such a classic song and gets stuck in your head straight away, as the song progresses it gets better in my opinion although the whole of the song is amazing. My favourite lyrics are in the chorus and they are:

"That's sugarcane that tasted good

That's cinnamon, that's Hollywood
C'mon, c'mon no one can see you try"

So super catchy, damn.

Regina Spektor- Us.

I first heard this song in the film 500 days of Summer, it was so catchy and got stuck in my head right away like most of the soundtracks from the film. So I looked it up and looked up Regina Spektor who has a one of kind voice, and sings about the most relevant things. To me it's a super intense song which I can happily listen to on repeat over and over.

Sigrid- Don't kill my vibe.

Another powerful song on my playlist, on first listen it captured my attention, the lyrics hit so hard with me. I feel how she has felt. It feels to me like it is a I am taking back my life from someone and making it my own again, which is what I went through earlier this year so it gives me great levels of confidence.

I could honestly talk about music all day, let me know if you want to see a part two of this post and also what songs you've been listening to lately in the comments!