September is the month in which most universities across the UK start, which for most people means freshers week! When you start university usually in first year it can be super overwhelming as for most it is a new place, a new group of friends and you've probably just moved away from home. Most years at university end up going out for freshers week because why would you pass up the chance to get drunk and have LOADS of fun (unless you don't drink obv, then that's ok too!) In your first year it can be a lot to take in and trust me we've all been there. Getting so drunk that you don't remember the night before, ending up in tons of clubs, spending that student loan that needs to last until January (ssshhh that's not important right?). So I am here with the help of fellow blogger and good friend of mine Kim! Hopefully you find these tips useful and thanks Kim for helping me come up with some of the tips for this post at 23:00.

1. Make your bed before unpacking anything else, coming home after a lot of drinking can be a nightmare as it is without not having a made bed to sleep in. It seems like a little bit of a bore, however you'll thank yourself later. 

2. This was my favourite tip that Kim gave me and it's pretty genius, make yourself a mass amount of food and separate it into portions to last you the week. Pasta bake is goals for this and you will pretty much be living off it at university along with super noodles anyway.

3. Seek out the good clubs/places to go beforehand, if you're in a city/big town there are going to be SO many clubs to choose from and they'll all have good deals on, however if you have to pay to enter you are going to want to make sure you scope out all of the good ones. Also on certain days there are events which are better than others. People from the area/higher years should be great for helping with this. 

4. Make sure you eat, drink and sleep!
With all of the stress of freshers week and being in a new place it can often be easy to forget to do the essential things, like eat, drink water and even sleep as you're out clubbing and then can have lectures the next day. However as boring as it sounds you don't want to get completely run down to the point where you're too ill to go out. 

5. Learn where your lectures are beforehand.
My worst nightmare is walking into anywhere late purely for the amount of stares you're gonna get, it is worth looking around and finding out where to go before you start as then you'll be able to get there easier. 

6. Make the effort to talk to people!
An easy way to do this, is to leave your door open and just say hi to people that are around, introducing yourself is a great way to get to know people. Learn peoples names so it looks like you are making an effort although this is a nightmare as you'll meet SO many new people. If you struggle at making friends, just smile at people and try hang around in an area where you're likely to meet your new flatmates. Like the kitchen. One you're drinking the talk will start to flow a little easier. 

7. Pain killers are your new best friend. 
Nothing worse than waking up the next morning with the hangover from hell and having no way to cure it. We've all been there, however if you have a stash (of paracetamol) then you're sorted. Plus you're totally the hero if somebody else you live with needs them also. 

8. Budget, budget and budget.
I remember getting my first student loan/grant and thinking god damn I am loaded and living the high life for about a week and then thinking o shit. It is important to remember the money has to last you until the middle of January. Often it helps to get a part time job, I got one at the end of first year to see me through the summer, and then had one for a while in second year too. It's great just to get some extra money when funds are low.

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What are your tips for surviving freshers?