I originally planned on doing an August favourites but decided to start doing favourites posts as of next month, so I have more time to plan it. However I do have four amazing products which stood out to me this month and I decided to feature them here as well as do a little mini review of each. In this post I will be featuring two products from Antipodes, a candle from Durance which was sent by the lovely people at Rooi. As well as a lush hand cream from Leafy & Lovely which doesn't seem to be available to buy anymore (pretty sure I received it in a PR package at some point from Superdrug.) Hopefully you enjoy this post and if you have any recommendations of products I should try let me know!

Durance Fleur de Coton candle:
I previously mentioned the brand Durance in my last haul from Rooi, where I tried their
Riviera Soiree candle which I cannot seem to find anywhere anymore and I am gutted as it smells AMAZING. However when I was recently sent this candle, again it has a beautiful scent and to say it is quite a neutral scent and a medium sized candle it sure does pack a punch. To me it smells like to best smelling fresh bed sheets ever, you know the warm out of the tumble dryer, put straight on the bed whilst they're still warm, washed in the best fabric conditioner, that's the scent of this. I have it lit for a few hours a night and the whole of my upstairs smells divine.

Leafy & Lovely hand lotion:
I was recently sorting out some boxes in the corner of my office and I found a lovely floral box which said leafy and lovely on it and it really caught my eye so I decided to open it up. I am not the biggest fan of hand creams so I thought I wouldn't like it, but with using a lot of hand sanitisier at work and my hands being dry I decided it was worth ago. I was met with a gorgeous floral sent which I never expect it to smell like, it leaves your hands a little sticky but I assume it would be the same for most hand creams? It made my hands in better condition in a matter of days which I was impressed with. It's quite a strong scent which I really enjoy and can't stop myself just smelling the tube as it's so lovely!

Antipodes Manuka honey mask:
If you suffer with acne the Manuka honey mask from Antipodes is going to be your new best friend, the Manuka honey in this mask has antibacterial properties in, perfect for helping to cleanse your skin and clear blemishing at the same time! The bottle recommends using it twice a week in the evening which is easy to implement it into my routine as I love doing face masks and do them often. I am a huge fan of the smell of this face mask, I am awful at explaining smells however it to me smells sweet with a hint of vanilla. The mask costs £24.99 which is more than I would usually spend on a face mask but as it does the job I am happy. For a whole face you only need around a 2p sized blob, so it should last a good few months using it twice a month. The mask isn't too drying and doesn't freeze your face in place like some masks do. To remove it a warm flannel will do the job. Then moisturise. If you want a full review including before and after pics, let me know in the comments! 

Antipodes Avocado Pear nourishing night cream: 
I am pretty sure this is one of the most expensive skin products I've owned to date, I should invest more money into my skincare routine and recently that has become apparent to me. Again this can be purchased from Feel Unique and costs £39.99. I have started to use this on an evening after removing my makeup and doing a cleanse. You don't need much of this product either, a little does a lot. What I've found I like most about this product in the short time I've been using this is it cures dry patches really quickly, in about a week I noticed a huge improvement on my skin. Whereas it's taken others a month or so for me to notice. Only thing I will mention which is on the downside is if you are on the oilier side, I feel like this would only make that worse. However with dry skin it is a god. Final thing about the nourishing night cream which I LOVE is the packaging it feels really luxurious and well worth the purchase. 

Would you like to see full reviews of any of these products, let me know! 

*Contains PR samples.