It's now coming up to three months since I walked into see the nurse practitioner at my doctors, I have had a very on off relationship with the pill and like most people it made me a hormonal mess. Despite this I wanted to be on some form of contraception and have never had the guts to ask about any other forms, so I've just gone along with the pill. When I walked into the nurses office and sat down she was the sweetest lady ever and I just blurted out I want to talk about my contraception options and she was so helpful, asked me what I'd tried before, what I would try and what else was out there. 

She went through my options and I was leaning towards the implant, but curious about the injection, I hadn't heard much about it at this point, however she said it could done that day, was basically painless, is more the 99% effective as long as it is done within first 5 days of your period and redone before the old one wears off and lasts for three months! (This depends on the type of injection as there are different ones however you will be advised of this but most is 3 months). The little bit of a catch is the fact it is injected into your bum cheek. I was slightly concerned about this, however I went along with it. The worst that can happen is it stings a little and for someone covered in tattoos I can't really moan about pain too much. Needles freak me out usually but obviously I couldn't see it, so I was all fine. She told me to take in a deep breath and within a few seconds it was over. I assumed it was on both sides but it was just the one and I was in shock that it was that easy, no pills, no worrying about it for the next 3 months. Then and there she gave me an appointment for my second one which is coming up in a few weeks.

At first it ached a little, probably for three or four days. I had fairly bad mood swings for the first week also, but that is literally it. I was warned for the first injection I may experience a little bleeding from time to time which has happened, but it is honestly the tiniest bit. I was advised after my second injection I wouldn't have anymore bleeding and no periods, which made so happy as mine are SO painful. However all it means is you need to use condoms for the first week. I've hands down found my experience so far on the Depo injection super easy and will definitely be getting it for the future.

A few pieces of information to bare in mind about the injection before getting it:

  • Once it is in, it's in so you can't do much about it if you're having a bad time, unlike the pill/implant you're stuck with it for three months.
  • Like all contraception you can get bad side effects at first. Which can be a little worrying, however they soon pass.
  • It can take up to one year for your fertility to return back to normal, so not good as a short term thing if you are thinking of planning a family soon.
  • Can make your bones weaker, so if you have any issues around this, this probably isn't the correct method for you. 

I'd totally recommend this to anyone looking for a new form of contraception as it is so easy to be done, and a great alternative to the pill. If you have any questions I'll happy answer them on Twitter or in the comments!