This post has been one I've had in my mind for a while now, I am looking at creating an exploring Birmingham series due it being one of the local towns to me and it's always great to explore places near by, and it also gives others who aren't from near the area ideas of where to go for things such as food, drink, shopping and things to do. For the first instalment as you've probably guessed from the title is all about places to eat. I have done a full length review on each of these places on the blog, but I thought I'd collate them all together and share my favourite places to eat in Birmingham. There are so many amazing places, and it was hard to get it down to just five. However part of the reason I went for each of these is not just down to how the food tastes, but also presentation, overall experience and service. Let me know in the comments if you've been to any of these places and where you'd recommend for me to add to my own to visit list. 

Jamie's Italian: 
During my visit to Jamie's Italian, I went to visit during their easy lunch so their menu was more limited then if you were to go in the evening, however the food was still amazing and the way it was presented was lush too. Served on wooden boards, cute mini table cloths and their cocktails were divine (and a little strong, oops). For 11.95 I had two amazing courses, and additionally I had a couple of cocktails, for around £20.00 I had an amazing lunch. They also do a quick and easy dinner menu for £15.95. I am not too sure if these menus are due to change but at the moment those are the prices and they were that much when I visited. I would say if you are quite picky or a vegetarian (as there is only one option) the main menu may appeal more.
Jamie's Italian 2016

Las Iguanas: 
Las Iguanas is one of my favourite restaurants ever and I have visited on a fair few occasions, I usually go pre gig as it's fairly near where I go to my gigs so I stay in a hotel near by. The last time I went and took pictures was a long time ago, so apologies for the quality of these plus at night the light in the restaurant is hard to photograph. Everytime I visit, I always get the nachos because they are out of this world. Plus they have a gluten free option! For my main it has to be Fajitas they have a portobello mushroom one and they're lush! I would recommend Las Iguanas to anyone who loves mexican food and if you have dietary needs they have a really diverse menu.  

Las Iguanas Birmingham

Handmade Burger Co (In Grand Central): 
Don't get me wrong I've tried all of the Handmade Burger co's in Birmingham, however the reason I added Grand Central to the title of this one, is it looks the best inside and has the best service in my opinion. I do find the one nearest the Bullring a little less spacious and quite compact and it ruins it a little bit for me. So Grand Central opened a Handmade burger co back in 2015, and I first went in the opening week and again have been many times since. They have the BIGGEST selection of veggie burgers I've ever seen which is always music to my ears, as often restaurants can be limited on veggie options. They also have a variety of AMAZING sides, including hipster chips and jalapeno slaw! They give you huge portions of chips at Handmade Burger, and they are always so good. You can see your food being prepared fresh and the restaurant is always clean with quick service. 

Handmade burger co grand central

Bills a great restaurant with a lovely location right in the centre of Birmingham, when I visited last year I found their menu a little restricting for a vegetarian, but I have looked online since and seen that it seems to have so many choices now (must go back!). For meat eaters there lots of choice also. The reason I added Bills on here is due to the amazing food, I had a fish finger sandwich with fries and it tasted great followed by the best brownie I've ever tasted, therefore even if you only go for a brownie and a drink I would recommend 110%. 

Bills lunch menu 2016

The Alchemist:
Apologies for the pictures in this post being purely alcohol and cocktails (even though they're pretty damn cool), I have visited the Alchemist since this however I was a bad blogger and did not take photos. Sorry. So the Alchemist, I would firstly recommend for the experience whether you're eating or drinking (or both) you it is totally amazing. You can see your cocktails being made, they come out looking amazing and the food is just as good. Again the Nachos are amazing and I would totally recommend trying the fajitas or their vegetarian platter. Both Lush. The whole building looks lovely and downstairs is an experience you need to see. With amazing art work throughout the whole building a HUGE range of cocktails you are missing out if you have not been!

The Alchemist

 Where is your favourite place to eat in Birmingham?