Until the last year or so hair care isn't something I really invested in. Then I decided to bleach all of my hair and dye it pretty much every colour under the sun. Then keeping up the maintenance as well as a life time of heat on it, it's pretty much wrecked. I was recently was sent some John Frieda products to try, I've heard of the brand on many occasions but I've never really invested in it. I used to be the kind of girl who just picked whatever was on offer, and then fell in love with brands like Aussie and OGX. Similarly to skincare, hair care often gets pushed to the side and often not much money goes into it. I mean I know if I had some spare cash, I would rather pick up a new make-up item rather than some decent hair or skin care. However times have changed, I am 22 with a full time job and I have a bit more money to invest in a decent shampoo and conditioner. I am that type of person who goes through conditioner like no tomorrow, honestly I get through a bottle in 4 or 5 showers. My hair is thick and like I said very damaged. Shampoo lasts me a little longer, and if I had to chose between the two I will often cheap out on the shampoo.

What did I think of John Frieda, frizz ease? 
So these two products come in at £7.99 each from Boots which is a little more than I'd be willing to spend on shampoo usually, however I noticed a change with this shampoo, I often feel like my hair still feels a bit dirty and possibly greasy (I am obsessed with my hair being clean), I've read online it is possibly a build up of product left in my hair which I didn't even know was a thing. But using this it seemed to make my hair feel cleaner for more days. So I felt less inclined to wash it everyday which I usually do. Which for me is amazing, no other shampoo I've used has ever gave me the same clean feeling as this one did.

With the conditioner, it smells amazing however I had to use a fair bit to coat my hair nicely so it did run out in 4 uses for me. I found my hair to feel more soft then when I've used other brands such as Tresemme or herbal essences however compared to OGX and Aussie I felt like it was still lacking a little in the moisture department. But like I said my hair destroyed so who knows. The smell of John Freida is one of the best I've smelt out of any I've owned, my hair feels good after using it and like something I'd probably want to buy again, in the Shampoo form anyway. As far as Frizz ease goes I would definitely say it does the job in that department, my hair feels a lot smoother and more in control which is always a plus. Overall a pretty good set of products, however not completely sold on the conditioner.

Have you ever tried any John Frieda products? What did you think of them?