When walking pretty much anywhere I get stares or random people running up to me asking me how questions like 'how do you get your hair SO blue?!' 'What dye do you use to get it that cool!' so I thought I'd write a blog post about the process it takes me to get blue hair, although I just top mine up now I did originally have to bleach all of my hair, so it's worth keeping this in mind if you have dark hair. I've actually tested all of blue shades from Colour Freedom as well as their new green shade which is Emerald green and honestly it's lush. I am currently wanting to dip dye the ends green with the rest blue, however my hair currently isn't in the best condition so it doesn't take as well. However if you are starting from scratch or happy to bleach all of your hair I would totally recommend it. 

Colour Freedom Blue Denim

So for the blue I usually go for Truly Blue which weirdly looks like it is purple from the box but it is actually a really dark blue, or Blue Denim which is a slightly lighter blue but I have used both for a dip dye effect before, and dependant on what shade of blue you want there is also tropical aqua for a super vibrant light blue which looks AMAZING

Colour Freedom hair detox

So on to the process of dying your hair a beautiful mermaid blue, first things first I would recommend using Colour Freedoms detox kit, which has two bottles in a purifier and a revitaliser. So this these treatments are great for removing the build up of product in your hair and just gives it a 'fresh start'. You use the purifier like you would for a shampoo and then the revitaliser like a conditioner, and your hair smells and feels so much better after. 

Colour Freedom Bleach

Then on to the bleach, I usually go for a Jerome Russell bleach as it is easy to get your hands on from pretty much any store which sells hair products, however this time I decided to try the Colour Freedom one, what I noticed from this bleach is my hair was nowhere near in as bad condition as it is from the Jerome bleach however it took longer to get to that white ish blonde as opposed to the horrible yellow. On this occasion I only did my roots therefore it was okay to leave it on for a while as it is virgin hair. In total I usually leave this on for an hour, but if it doesn't need this long on your hair wash it off before this time. Wash off your hair and then condition it. Following this towel dry your hair as for the Colour Freedom dyes they work better on semi wet hair, also is so much easier to apply all over. 

Once you've done this the box says to leave for 30 minutes, however as it doesn't have anything damaging in it I tend to just leave it for as long as I feel like, then here comes the fun part! Washing it off again, I am warning you now if you shower it yourself rather than have someone else wash it off for you, you will have plenty of blue body parts, as well as hands. (I've had some strange looks from my bright blue knees, legs and feet ha ha). From my experience this dye won't run clear as it is only semi permanent, therefore everytime you wash it with anything like shampoo it tends to come out and fade. 

Colour Freedom hair products

There you go folks, that is how you get mermaid blue hair, however a quick disclaimer, blue is quite difficult to get rid of once you've done it also bright colours are a lot of maintenance, and if you're like me, you want your colour to constantly be perfect so be wary of the upkeep. I would recommend using a lot of products on your hair when straightening and drying it and also avoid washing it as much as possible for a longer lasting colour. Dry shampoo is a saviour for me! 

Let me know whats the 'coolest' colour you've ever gone! 

*Contains PR samples.