A last minute trip to Blackpool for a few days in my week off brought us to the Glendower Hotel in St Annes, a 20 minute car journey away from Blackpool. I was excited to go to Blackpool and stay at hotel which the internet describes as clean, luxurious and welcoming. Upon arrival we were greeted at reception went through all of the little details and were shown to our room which was room 116, I first noticed in the corridor outside of the room there was a huge brown piece of wood as they were doing some renovations of the rooms in our corridor, however once we walked into our room that was all forgotten. First greeted by a beautiful looking double bed (which may I add, was SO comfy) on the site there was an assortment of coffee and teas which is always good and a couple of glasses for water, along with a hair dryer (the one time I bring mine of course!) following this I went and checked out the bathroom which had such a lovely looking sink, a bath and an array of complimentary soaps and bath items. Me and Will also noticed the bathroom had an amazing light on the mirror perfect for taking selfies. 

When looking around the room we noticed the book of information and the hotel has gym facilities along with a beauty room and for anything extra you may need you can call reception including room service, however when we went to call them for a fan we noticed that the phone wasn't actually working due to the wiring hanging out the wall. This was when we decided to test the other electrics as well, however the main lights were not working either. Due to this we went down to reception to advise, and they came up to have a look, they said as were only staying one night there wasn't much they could do about the phone however for the lights you just had to make sure the other switches were turned off, it was a little annoying they didn't seem bothered by this however with such a nice room and it only being one night we decided to let it go and not bother us. Following this we went out for the rest of the day, came back to the hotel and I had a lovely bath, followed by the BEST sleep. 

In the morning I woke up ridiculously early due to my routine from work, so we decided to go get breakfast at 7:30am, which I am glad for as there was so much choice at this time. We were greeted by a lovely waiter who took us to a table and explained how it works. Buffet breakfast followed by a hot breakfast which I was pretty impressed by. Round the corner there was a variety of cereals, fruit, pastries and finally my favourite thing ever- cheese (including babybels!) In the section after this there were two big containers of fruit juice, orange and apple which were both so yummy. Then on the back wall were two coffee machines a huge variety of teas and a machine to make toast with plenty of bread choices. For my hot breakfast I had the vegetarian breakfast which was deep fried halloumi, hash brown, egg, beans, fried bread, veggie sausage and a big mushroom. Which I also had with two rounds of brown toast, yummy. Will decided to have some crumpets followed by many bowls of cereal and some toast. 

As it was still so early once we had finished we decided to walk around the hotel, as it is very open and there are loads of comfy seating areas, perfect for reading or a great view. At the bottom of the corridor we found the gym which was INSANE better than a lot of the gyms I've been to and it was in the hotel, it had a variety of weights, choices of machines for pretty much everything, treadmills, steps and lots of other things, it was super clean, spacious and as it was so early it was empty so we made the most of this. We spent around an hour in the gym, before going back to our room and showering before heading out.

Overall my stay in the Glendower Hotel was fabulous, with a great selection of breakfast items, a lovely looking room, a great gym and free wifi. 

Visit the Glendower Hotel: North Promenade, St. Annes-on-Sea FY8 2NQ.