London has so much to offer in regards to sights and attractions. Make sure to make time to spend in the great outdoors, as these exciting outdoor activities — from paintballing to zorbing — will make it a trip to remember.

The UK is blessed with so many exciting cities, charming towns and scenic countryside retreats. Yet, the location that stands out the most in many people’s minds is definitely London. Not only is it the capital of Britain, but it’s one of the most visited cities in the entire world. As such a popular tourist destination, it naturally has activities and attractions by the bucket-load. In this post, we’ll take a look at a few of the unique outdoor activities that London has to offer.

1. Take a Bike Tour
If you’ve ever been to London — or any of Europe's major cities for that matter — you will have noticed the abundance of people riding bikes. Owning a car in such a jam-packed city can be hard work, so many people opt for the pedal-power option. Plus it’s always a decent form of exercise. Aside from the commuting and cycle enthusiasts, many of the cyclists around the city will be tourists. Hiring a bike for the duration of your stay is a good way to simply get around, but one of the best ways to really see the city is from a saddle. London happens to have a fair amount of bike tours, all of which are reasonable in price, really great fun and will be a much quicker and easier way to see the sights.

2. Paintball
While London is indeed a goldmine of tourism-friendly activities, trying something a bit random and brilliantly unique will make your trip more memorable. Many outdoor activities represent these traits, but none more so than a day of paintball in London. You will have to travel 20 minutes or so outside of the city centre — as people probably won’t appreciate being bombarded by paintballs as they roam the city streets — but the rural surroundings just outside of London are well worth it. Paintball near London is some of the finest in the UK and offers the most up-to-date equipment and expertly designed battlefields; over 50 acres of it, in fact. A wide range of ages can get involved (8 years+), so you won’t have too much trouble catering to everyone's needs. Let battle commence!

3. Hop on a Boat and Enjoy the Thames
London has many sights that combine to form a powerhouse of tourist attractions, one of which is the River Thames. Strolling down the banks of the river and enjoying the various sights along the way is one option, but why not enjoy it all while taking a leisurely jaunt aboard a boat? Depending on your preference, mood, company, or need for speed, there are plenty of options in regards to the type of boat to hop aboard. A gentle jaunt will allow you to see all of the sights at a leisurely pace, or a speedboat to kick it up the adrenaline levels somewhat. If you fancy something more luxurious, a cruise with dinner, dancing and live entertainment will be right up your street.

4. Zorbing
Much like paintball, zorbing offers something incredibly unique and an opportunity to enjoy London’s surrounding rural areas. If you’re unfamiliar with zorbing, it involves being harnessed inside a giant inflatable ball and, from there, being rolled down a series of grass banks.Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is, and that’s what makes it so appealing to the masses. Taking part requires no skill or previous experience; just climb inside and proceed to tumble down a hill. You can even share the experience with another person, as some orbs have dual harnesses. Maybe not the most traditional first date, but definitely one that you won’t forget in a hurry!

What would you like to try most?

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