Tuesday, 6 June 2017

How Window Design can Compliment your Style

Windows are often a space in the home that is overlooked when it comes to style design. A lot of people in the UK will opt for cheaper vertical blinds when it comes to window dressing. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, with companies such as Ambition Blinds offering cheap alternatives to the vertical blind, it’s totally worth investing some time into your window space. Who knows, it could become a focal point of the room in no time.
Now, we all know how boring a window space can be. However, there are so many options out there today that allow homeowners to install amazing blinds that can flood a space with light and brighten up any room in the house. If you’re blessed with a bay window, you can turn the space into a window seat (perfect for having a brew and people watching). This will adapt the space into something practical whilst adding to your style. It also utilizes the window space in the most practical way.
Wooden Venetian blinds can add to any style you may have when it comes to ordinary window spaces, and can be ordered in any colour to suit your preference. For the minimalist, why not try a white blind, this will draw a slight focal point in the room, as well as offer great lighting if needed. These blinds can also completely block out sunlight, if needs be. So whether you’re a modernist at heart, an eccentric, or the boheme who loves wooden accents, these could be perfect accompaniment to your specific tastes when it comes to interior design.
As well as wooden Venetian blinds, you can grab some other well priced window accents that can spruce up your room thanks to Ambition Blinds, such as the Velux roller blind alternatives, or ordinary roller blinds. With all of these options, you have no need to install curtains, as privacy and shade are all provided, which is perfect for decluttering the home!
If you’re more of the elegant type, Roman Blinds could be the option for you in the home. Invented hundreds of years ago, these blinds work well at keeping dust away and providing shade in even the brightest of rooms.
Not something to be ignored, window ledges can also add to your style. By simply adding flowers to your ledge, that match your colour scheme, you draw the room together entirely. It’s also a great aspect to have when viewing your house from the outside. Flowers look beautiful in the window, and add character to any house.
For more inspiration, why not view some of Window Design boards on Pinterest? Or search for different blinds on the Ambition Blinds website.
Guest post written by Gina Kay Daniel

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