Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Tips For Getting Festival Ready!

Happy Wednesday all, how are we all doin'? I'm sat in the sun writing this post and as it's ALMOST summer now and the festivals are starting to commence I thought I would share with you some tips for getting ready for the festivals. I am a huge fan of festivals and kinda gutted I am not going to one this year. There are some seriously amazing lineups like, EMINEM at Leeds omfg! As well an amazing all round line up at Download. Plus Bestival sounds awesome, I am gonna make that happen one year!

Pack light:
For festivals you often think it's a great idea to bring everything including the kitchen sink, but it actually works well if you pack lighter and preferably a bag on your back. Never take things to festivals which you care about as it's possible they met get stolen if not could possibly get wet or COVERED in mud. Oops. Take minimal clothing and only the essentials.

Plan your travel:
Getting to a festival can be a pain, if you live nowhere near you are lugging a hella load of stuff across the country. You can get trains and often busses from cities to festivals from certain places which is always handy. As well as this SMC Coach Hire are a company with coaches and mini busses available for hire, so if you are heading there in a big group or know a fair few people who want to chip in and split the costs together it can be awesome way to get there, easily.

Stand out: 
With festivals if you lose someone/something it is pretty much impossible to locate again so make yourselves stand out. Get a BRIGHT tent (Go Outdoors have a great guide for finding the best one for your festival needs.) and find someone all of the people you are with can wear. Whether that be bright hair, carrying inflatables, wear fancy dress or something else fun, make yourselves stand out.

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  1. Great tips! I love the idea of the standing out one haha, definitely easy to spot your friends that way :D



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