Creative Ways to Use Jewellery

I am an avid fan of Jewellery. The right piece can change your outfit completely, stylise your face, or even highlight your eyes. And the best part about Jewellery is that, contrary to most belief, it almost never has one exclusive use!

Here are some easy, creative ways to use jewellery, or give a new life to some broken or old ones.

1. Use your Jewellery on your hair 
Using Jewellery to glam up your hair-do is not only for brides. It is very easy to do at home to accessorise low buns, pin up hair do’s, or even just a half-up half-down style. All you have to do is select a necklace (pendant ones with some small sparkle detail usually work best but any will do), find some bobby pins, and use a mirror to help yourself out. First style your hair in the desired way. Then take the necklace and place it over the bun, or where your hair divides if you’ve chosen a half-up half-down. Making sure to hide the beginning and the end of the necklace by pinning them under some hair, pin the necklace securely horizontally. Make sure that, although secure, it is a bit loose so as not to put too much tension on the necklace.

You can also use rings, or small hoops, to decorate your braid by stringing through a strand of hair as you braid. The tightness of the hair-do will make sure the rings are secure without needing to pin them.

2. Accessorise a belt, or bag!
Use old brooches, pins, or chunky brooch style earrings. If the pin or hold is broken, it may be even better. Wether it is a belt or a handbag, take the jewellery pieces and play around until you find the desired arrangement. Then you may begin to attach the jewels to the accessory. If you want it to be permanent, first use a glue gun to attach the jewellery piece then sew it on to make sure it won’t fall out. If you just want to spice up a belt or bag for a day, then you will have to pin the pieces or use the holes in the belt to loop string through.

3. Earrings reborn
Using a pair or flat-nose pliers, remove the earring wire completely, but making sure to leave the small ring that attaches the wire and the jewellery piece together. Then, take a thin silver chain, or any other small chain that can fit through the small ring, and loop through. You can make the chain yourself but I find that buying ones already aimed at necklaces is the easiest way to create this piece as the necklace clasp will already be set for you. Big earring pieces will give you the best results, in my opinion, because you can make slightly low hanging necklaces that will really spice an outfit up. However, you can also use smaller earrings for cute detailed necklaces.

4. Wall art 
Almost any jewellery piece can be framed to create wall art. The best examples include butterfly brooch collections themed in a “scientific display” style, or different jewellery pieces arranged to create a picture. However,  the most simple ways is to frame a pendant. Especially fun for children rooms, take a pendant of your choice (name initials are always a hit) and frame them against a striking background. Such as hot pink or lime green paper, sparkles are a welcomed choice.

5. Home Made Chokers
Select a ribbon of your width, and colour of choice. Cut the length of the ribbon to allow for you to bow tie it slightly loosely round your neck. Select a brooch, earring, or pin that you want to use. Remove any wires or pins attached to them as you need only the jewellery piece. To ensure the piece doesn’t fall off, first use a glue gun to attach it to the ribbon, then sew it were possible. The more vintage the jewellery piece looks, the better the choker will look. Velvet ribbons are always a good choice if you’re going for a modern look, and smaller pieces of jewellery will work just as well.

Written by MaxLami

*Guest post