The days are getting longer and it is finally getting warmer *touch wood* and with Summer being one of my favourite seasons I like to talk about it a lot, even though it's a little while off yet. I decided to share some of my tips for preparing for Summer as you lot seemed to enjoy my Spring Decor wishlist. These tips are just general tips for getting Summer ready so hopefully you enjoy them! Let me know what your top tip for getting Summer ready is in the comments below.

1. Start transitioning your wardrobe!
I like to wear similar clothes all year round, I tend to wear my summer dresses with leather jackets and leggings in the winter. As my style is pretty simple throughout this is something I do naturally, however if you are somebody who has different outfits per season, it's worth transitioning different pieces into your wardrobe to possibly add some colour and get more wear out of your clothes.

If you haven't already start saving for those summer days, whether you manage to save up £100s or just £40 for your ice cream fund for the summer, it's worth doing. I like to save up my spare change throughout the year in a giant coke bottle I purchased from The Range and it's super handy to save and you can't open it as it's sealed and would ruin the top.

3. Give your room a mini makeover!
It's worth preparing in advance for getting your room ready for Summer because who wants thick duvets and black out curtains, I love the bright summer mornings. Treat yourself to a new duvet and some fab blinds from Direct Blinds. If you start purchasing items to make your room more Summer ready now it's cheaper nearer the time. Also there are already some GORGEOUS duvet covers to choose from.

What are your tips for getting summer ready? 

*Collaborative Post