Good afternoon you lovely lot, how are we all doing? Today I am bringing you a bit of a different post to my blog in collaboration with Chicago Town. If you don't know who they are let me give you a little bit of info. They are the UKs number 1 frozen pizza brand, pretty cool huh? I can hands down say those pizzas can taste as good as any takeaway. With stuffed crust and many toppings on offer as well as mini microwave pizzas on offer, there is something for everyone!

As part of their latest campaign they decided to deliver a freezer full of AMAZING pizza goodies to "Britian's Last Wilderness" who have never tasted the offerings of takeaway.  Watch the video below out find out what happened! Inverie in Western Scotland is described by experts as “Britain’s Last Wilderness”. It has just 120 residents and is officially home to the UK’s most remote public house, The Old Forge. The whole community is so small that it shares a single postcode, PH41 4PL. With this in mind the residents have never had anything half resembling a takeaway premises, which is no surprise, given that to reach the nearest takeaway it would take a minimum of 2 hours – travelling by boat and car.

Inverie resident Ian Robertson, aged 70, said: “We’ve heard all about takeaway food being delivered elsewhere in the UK, we’ve never actually been able to enjoy one ourselves because we’re so remote no-one would ever deliver here. You go Chicago Town!

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*Collaborative Post