Hi guys, how are we all doing? I'm back with another 'What I've Been Lovin' Lately' post I have decided to make these a monthly feature as you guys seem to love them. I love these posts as they're kinda like a monthly favourites and I will feature anything I love. From new shoes to what's good on TV. This month I've been redoing my bedroom so some of the items featured will be around the home! Let me know if you want these posts monthly, I always appreciate your feedback. Plus I just wanted to say a quick thank you for all of you who have stood by me when I've had my blogging breaks. Also if you fancy reading my latest What I've Been Lovin' you can here.

Louis Theroux Merch: 
Final thing I've been loving, is the rise of Louis Theroux merch, for some reason over the last year it's just popped up everywhere, which I'm totally okay with. I recently got given one of the tees for my birthday and can't wait get more of them. Buzzfeed did an article on this here. The phone case feature is from RedBubble

Cox and Cox:
Cox and Cox are an amazing online website with gorgeous items such as rugs, mirrors and sofas. Since I've started working on giving my bedroom a makeover this is the perfect place to treat myself. I recently ended up ruining my carpet and deciding a gorgeous big rug would help to cover this. I also treated myself to a new bed which was a NIGHTMARE to build. 

The Urban Decay All Nighter Spray: 
Recently Urban Decay have re-released their setting spray with a whole new look, the new bottles are bigger, bolder and generally look better. With the same amazing product inside, I love the setting spray for keeping my makeup in place throughout the day. If you fancy getting your own you can on the Urban Decay website.

Kate Spade:
Since Rooi recently sent me a gorgeous tumbler (which is featured above) and some lovely stationery from Kate Spade I've found my obsession with her growing even stronger. I've wanted one of her bags for so long, and I am so in love with her stuff. I want to purchase even more of her goodies this year!

Betsey Johnson Bags:
This woman is my actual hero, she creates the most crazy and fun bags I've ever seen. I first came across her amazing bags last year in the states, but found out they sell them in the UK in TKmaxx, she has so many unique and fun designs, I am in love. The bag picture is the pancake one.