Happy Friday all, I am finally able to say this and be happy about it being Friday as I am not actually at work tomorrow for once. Yay! Today I have decided to bring you some fabulous tips for when you're preparing to go on holiday. I did promise more travel related content this year and I am so far sticking to this. Some of the posts I've done so far are Best Budget Holidays and Luxury Holidays For Less! As the weather is getting warmer and we are now in the Spring I decided it would be the perfect time to bring you these tips! Let me know what other travel posts you want to see on my blog this year, as always feedback is greatly appreciated.

1. Find out how much hand luggage you're allowed.
If you're only going away for a weekend, hand luggage may be all you need to take with you. With most airlines you have to pay extra to take a suitcase but most offer free hand luggage up to a certain weight. To save money and have extra funds for your holiday it's worth checking out.

2. Be Secure.
A lot of time burglaries can happen when people are on holiday, it's often worth getting someone to come and check on your house every few days and even installing cameras to watch the outside and even the inside of your house. A great one I've found for the indoors the Panasonic indoor camera. You are able to watch what is going on in your house even when you're not there. As well as getting alerts when something isn't quite right.

3. Sort Out Travel Money In Advance
Often when travelling people leave getting their money til the last minute, but often this isn't the best thing to do, when you're sorting out your travel money doing it in advance and online can get you better deals. Money Supermarket compares the best deals for travel money.  

4. Inform Your Bank 
If you're anything like me when you're on holiday your money doesn't last very long and you end up using your card whilst abroad. It is worth informing your bank of this so they don't block you from using your card abroad, often banks can treat this as suspicious if you don't inform them.

5. Check Your Travel Docs 
When preparing to go on holiday it is worth checking all of your documents are in order before heading off as well as checking your passport is still in date a fair amount of time before you are due to jet off. Before going on holiday I like to print all of my documents and then keep them in a folder to make sure I have everything I could possibly need.

What are your top tips for preparing to go on holiday? 

*Collaborative Post