Beauty is something that is often featured on Dungarees & Donuts, and I am forever looking for new ways to mix it up and step out side of the box. That is when I discovered a lovely website which is called Real Foods who have an amazing range of natural recipes which are all full of goodness. It was when I was looking around on their site when I saw a fabulous feature about beauty recipes. On there I found some amazing face masks which you can create at home by just including a simple range of ingredients which you probably already have at home. I thought today I would share with you how to create some of the recipes yourself and also a little bit about how I have managed to improve my skin care a LOT over the last year.

I didn't realise the importance of skin care until this year, I have honestly fallen head over heals in love with looking after my skin and finding the best ways to treat your skin and making it better. There is only so much makeup can do, and if you aren't looking after your skin how do you expect it to be well. It's like anything really, without looking after it; it's not going to well looked after. This year I made an attempt to ditch the face wipes, get a proper skin care routine in place as well as treat myself to more pamper sessions. I first decided to completely remove face wipes from my life, even ones with so called benefits and go for a more in depth skin care routine. For this I purchased a pack of cotton pads and a bottle of Micellar water and everyday removed my makeup properly (could not imagine sleeping with it on now, even when I've been drinking!) Next I decided to invest into a skin care routine (I did a post on it here in depth) but the basic outline of it is I invested in a Foreo which is fabulous for a deep cleanse of the skin, it is better than most of the other cleansing brushes as it is silicone and that makes it a cleaner devise all round. Also started using some fabulous skin care from Murad which had dramatically changed my skin around! As well drinking lots more water (I know it's been said so many times, but honestly it's so true) I also try to give my skin a face mask at least once a week, my favourites are from Tony Moly, Superdrug or just making your own. Making your own is fabulous because you get to decide what goes into them and what you want the mask for. I usually look for moisture masks as well as ways to get clear skin.

Some of my favourite recipes that I found on real foods are: 

I love this one for the antioxidents which are in Kiwi as well as the exfoliating properties.  It also contains Vitamin A, C, E and K which all have their own fabulous pros these include skin repairing, lightening dark circles and also moisture

Perfect for clearing skin, with a deep clean of the pores and perfect for removing pesky blackheads. A lot of things I've read online about this mask all talk about the healing properties of this mask as well as how good it is for treating acne. 

Perfect for reducing dark circles, revitalising the skin and also healing open sores. Cucumber is great for giving your skin a refreshed feeling as well as the rest of your body. Eating, drinking and wearing cucumber gives your body fabulous benefits. Plus it is super healthy as it is mostly water. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and will be making some of your own face masks soon! 

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