The Alchemist has arrived in Birmingham and I was invited to a special evening for bloggers and press which is always super exciting! I took my friend Rob along for the ride because who doesn't love cocktails right? One of the many special things about The Alchemist is the things that the cocktails do; just imagine alcohol meets science. As well as serving food which from the pictures I've seen looks like a massive hit! When we arrived we were greeted at the front of house and taken through into a large bar area which had a fair few people in. We were told to help ourselves to a cocktail and shortly after we were greeted by the manager himself, who gave us a little bit of a run down of the new venue and how he can't wait for it to all kick in. Me and Rob took a booth at the back and looked at the HUGE cocktail menu which is in the style of a periodic table of elements; the science theme runs throughout! My first cocktail was the colour changer which was served to me with a huge ball of ice and the cocktail itself was in two flasks and it works by adding the two together very quickly and a big cloud of smoke appears and it's really interested and fun! Robs first cocktail was equally as interesting called Tickle Me Pink. This cocktail involved taking a shot which stings your mouth and then followed by the soothing liquid in the cocktail. During our drinks many lovely waitresses appeared and offered us appetisers as well as telling us their recommendations of cocktails. It was super interesting to hear their thoughts too. 

The Alchemist Birmingham

During the evening the lovely Oscar introduced himself and he was filming the event for one of his vlogs which you can watch here. Following this I got a second cocktail called the screwball which tastes EXACTLY like the childhood favourite from the ice cream van with a bit of alcohol in the mix. I am one for sweet drinks so this was the perfect one for me. Rob had a white cosmo which is the Alchemists funky version of a Cosmo. The ice even contained a flower! The whole aesthetic of The Alchemist is unique and fun as well the science concept giving it an extra edge. All of the staff were super duper lovely and on our way out the manager told us to go view the downstairs bar which is even more amazing and I can imagine will be a top hot spot in Birmingham. He also told us the staff had around two weeks training which me and Rob couldn't believe as they were SO good. I will definitely be returning soon to The Alchemist as their drinks are super budget friendly and the atmosphere is great. 

The Alchemist Birmingham Cocktail Menu

The Alchemist Birmingham Tickle Me Pink

The Colour Changer The Alchemist Birmingham

The Alchemist Birmingham

The Alchemist Birmingham Underground Bar

The Alchemist Birmingham The Screwball

The Alchemist Birmingham

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