As a university student and also someone who suffers a lot with poor mental health, I am often on the look out for little ways to make myself feel better. I am hoping a lot of you relate to this post in some way and find a way to feel better from it; as these are my own personal ways please feel free to share any that you yourself use to feel better.

Take some down time: 
Sometimes when you're feeling down/tired the best thing to do is nothing. Spend the day in bed or the evening watching some rubbish TV (Honey boo boo or sex sent me to the ER are my faves) possibly have a shower and a face mask. Or even just read a book. When I'm feeling down I put on some good music, turn off my phone and just take some time away to think about things.

Drink more water: 
As random as it sounds drinking more water seriously helps with your mood as you feel more refreshed and less tired. I love to start my day with an ice cold glass of lemon and lime water.

Look after your health: 
This is one for all of the university students out there, when you're at university your health comes last a lot of the time, lots of drinking, lack of sleep and spending a lot of time with other people you forget what it is important. Taking vitamins can help maintain your body as well as making sure you're on top of your sexual health, sometimes we do things we regret at university and it is important to stay on top of getting checked. There are so many free clinics around, it really does benefit you to get checked. It is also important to check yourself out, women can often suffer with cystitis from not drinking enough, having a lot of sex and many other reasons. It is not something to be embarrassed about, if you are worried about anything it is always best to get checked by a professional.

Sleep so much more: 
It is so important to remember to sleep as much as you can at night, a lot of the time bad moods can come from being over tired. Even if you can't sleep at night make up for it in the mornings, it is ok to do this.

I hope this post helped in someway and I would love your tips for feeling better! 

*Collaborative Post