Hi all, how are you doing? As you know if you are a regular reader of my blog I often do shop my style posts, the most recent one being a gym based one. This time I decided as it is soon to be Halloween I would take my inspiration from Halloween themes, e.g. the colours and styles, it makes sense in my head! Although this isn't like a costume post or anything like that, stay tuned as I may also put up some costume ideas before Halloween as well as some cocktail ideas and some make-up tutorials! I hope you enjoy this post, and let me know which look you prefer down below!

Look one:

Dress is from Pulp
Shoes are from Iron Fist
Choker is from Forever 21
Bag is from Forever 21   

Look two:
Shoes are from Dr Martens
Tee is from Grindstore 
Skirt is from Pulp
Headband is from Forever 21  

Which was your favourite look?