Friday, 14 October 2016

Clinique Make Up Bag Essentials | Beauty

Hi you lovely lot, how are we all? Today I am bringing you a post I've been wanting to for a while now but I've just completely lost track of time at the mo. But without further ado today I am bringing you Clinique must haves for any make-up bag, I have all of these products and couldn't imagine my own daily routine without these. Whenever I am in Debenhams I can't help but purchase some goodies from Clinique *I blame the packaging*  I hope you enjoy this post and let me know of your favourite Clinique products in the comments. 

High Impact Mascara: 
I love this mascara, there is something about the way it applies to your lashes which makes me fall in love, the colour is so dark and makes your lashes look like you are wearing falsies with just a few coats. I've had so many samples of this product in the past and I totally need to bite the bullet and pick up a full sized one as it is SO worth it. Grab it from Debenhams here.

All About Eyes, Eye Cream: 
A newer addition to my makeup bag but a total must have all the same. I haven't really gotten into my skin care until this year but now I am into it and know what a fabulous difference it makes I wouldn't go back at all. I always apply this before putting on eyeshadow and it seriously keeps it in place all day long. It also makes my lids feel less dry and overall improves the look of my eyes. Purchase it here!

Take The Day Off, Make Up Remover: 
Until earlier this year I used face wipes to remove all of my makeup *eeeek* since having my eyes opened to how bad they actually are I use micellar water daily to remove the makeup. I was recently offered a sample of this and was all for trying it as I am on the look out for the best make up remover which gets rid of tough makeup like mascara. This is a total winner in my eyes it removes the make up with just one wipe! It leaves my skin feeling clean and soft too. If you wanna grab it, you can from here.

Pop Glaze Lip Colour and Primer:
When I heard about this product I was interested to find out more as it is a lipstick with built in primer which to me sparked my interested as primer must mean the lipstick has longer staying power. I love the two lipsticks from this line that I have. The packaging is super sweet and the lipstick itself has great staying power (even through eating) the only downside I would say is that they aren't as pigmented as I would of hoped. Available from Debenhams here.

Dramatically Different Moisturiser: 
I was drawn to this product because of the cool colour inside of the bottle as well as the amazing things I've heard about it. This moisturiser is perfect for those with sensitive skin like my own and it always leaves your skin feeling fabulous, a must have for those looking to improve their skin and build up their collection. Purchase here.

Pretty Easy Eye Palette:
This palette is my latest Clinique addition, as soon as I saw this I knew I needed it in my life, it is full of autumn ready shades and even comes with two eyeliners. The cool thing about this palette is that all of the shades are numbered so you are able to see where to put each colour to create a banging eye look! You need this autumn palette in your life NOW! Grab it here.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I thought I would mention until the 22nd of this month at Debenhams you are able to get a FREE gift with the purchase of TWO or more products from Clinique (one needs to be skin care or foundation) and there is also an extra bonus gift if you purchase three items from Clinique.

*In Collaboration with Debenhams 


  1. Well there is definitely a nice mixture of products here, I have never used a clinique product.

  2. That eye cream sounds great - I really like Clinique products - always such high quality

    Laura x

  3. Can we just say them all and get it over with?! I LOVE CLINIQUE. I know it's going to sound awful but I've had this one little bottle of 'pour shrinker' It's like sample size, so tiny! They made wayyy back in 2008 and I still use it!
    I've been so gentle with it, only for special occasions. It cost around £30 and back then,for me, that was crazy money. It still is for a non-makeup girl like me, but the cream is heaven-sent!

  4. I like some clinique products. The lipsticks are amazing and I love the eye make up remover which is very gentle.

  5. I still haven't tried this brand! I hear such good things though.


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