Does anybody else find themselves lusting over a crazy amount of swim wear as soon as summer hits? Also does anybody else dream about wearing swim wear which is a totally different shape to what they are? I am forever dreaming of wearing a beautiful bikini which holds my boobs in place and makes me feel fabulous. But with MASSIIIIVE boobs which need a huge bikini top and a slightly smaller bum, it makes shopping with swimwear a nightmare. I am not surprised to say I am most definitely NOT alone in this. George at Asda conducted a survey which showed some interesting results, including 48% of Brits would buy a full bathing suit, which is totally me! As well as the fact that most people need different sized tops to their bottoms where bikinis are concerned. Aren't bodies a weird thing? I am currently in the need of some new swimwear so I decided I would take this opportunity to create a lovely wishlist of swimwear and hopefully you lot find something which you'd wear also. Dungarees & Donuts stands by you in this difficult time of finding the best swimwear for your shape!

All swimwear picture is from George

I love all of the choices I featured as I feel they are perfect for a lady with a bigger bust, I love the dresses as they look like they would be less tight on my belly. The red bikini looks like the straps contain a lot of support like a bra. I am in love with the vintage styled swimsuit in the top pic as I feel it would fit my body perfectly. I had to include the beautiful bikini on the left as that would be my dream bikini as it is so pretty and delicate.

What would your dream swimwear look like? 

*In Collaboration With George