Too Faced is the latest beauty brand to leave a stamp on my face, I heard of them as being a brand in the States and it wasn't until recently I noticed them in a local Debenhams that I realized they're now available in the UK. From their stand out eyeshadow palettes to their unforgettable foundation, Too Faced are a new staple brand in my eyes and perfect for all of your beauty needs. Their chocolate palettes took off, with the actual palette smelling like chocolate and having a variety of chocolate based shades. The newest palette in the collection is the super girly, pink and lovely Bon Bons palette, so I decided to treat myself to this and I thought I'd love you the low down in this review and I hope you enjoy.

First things first, how adorable is both sets of packaging? The outer box is almost as lovely as the palette within, with pretty font and colours tying in with the actual palette it had me drawn to it. I didn't even want to open the palette itself as the box looked too sweet. When I opened the palette itself I was drawn to the variety of gorgeous pinks and browns and also the adorable smell of the chocolate once again. The palette is made up of 12 new shades and 2 staple ones to start you off, with these gorgeous shades including deep browns, a bright pink and a beautiful deep grey the eye looks you can create are endless, and it's such a fun palette to play with.

With a variety of glitter shades and matte ones their is choice for everyone whether you prefer glitter or something a bit more matte you can create some eye looks suited to you. The palette is filled with little delights which are pops of colour to the original chocolate palette which is mainly all browns. I love the names all of all of the shadows as it makes them even more indulgent and relates me back to some sort of sweet/chocolate from cotton candy to dark truffle the choices are yours to make. The shadows themselves are long lasting and easy to apply and I find them a great staple with some of my Urban Decay palettes to mix and match or make perfect looks on their own.

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette Box

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette Shadows

What do you think of this palette?